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Cricket in Space!

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well why not? Cricket in space will be bigger and better than ever before! Picture this!

The cricket arena would have no boundaries, hitting a satellite would be considered 4, while hitting the ball into orbit would be a 6. Fielders can choose planets or heavenly bodies, if you please, of their choice to field on expect some spectacular catches for sure...Batsmen can get out caught or if they hit the ball into a black hole!

Games will be only 5 overs each, because you’ll probably need a new ball for every delivery! Batsmen wouldn’t even have to wear any protective clothing! They will already be covered head to toe in space suits in their team colours!

Want to take things to a whole new level; I suggest we do away with balls altogether! Some large "blobs" of water which you can throw at each other, or through which you can dive, will provide a lot of unique entertainment and you don’t even have to worry about creating mini asteroids. The blobs of water will hold their shape, if given a true Gayle whacking the worst that can happen is a few harmless droplets! It is true that getting water up to space alone will cost a few million dollars, but hey, if you’re gonna dream, might as well dream big!

If you can’t find any friends to play with you, not to worry in this Zero gravity environment you can be batsman, bowler and fielder rolled into one! Now that’s a true all rounder! Zero G throws up a host of possibilities just think of all the innovative shots AB De Villiers can come up with...sweep shots and Dilscoops will be a thing of the past. It will be all about upside down batting, or the standing on your head shot!

Find yourself getting tired easily and just can’t run those quick singles? Space cricket is the answer for you! Use your jet pack to zoom between wickets! Yes it keeps getting better and better. No more worrying about crumbling pitches or green tops every pitch in Space is exactly the same: Vast!

Space cricket is definitely the way forward, With Axe already helping the RCB players reach new heights and sending a few lucky ones to outer space! We could very soon see an IPL played in the neutral stratosphere! Aim for the stars is a thing of the past! It’s now aim for the milky way, And beyond!

Cricket in Space!

Dhiraj Salian , 13 May 2013