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Auction CLOSED - Thank you for bidding!

The 'Game for Green' RCB Auctions were quite exciting for us. It was amazing to see some items sell like wild fire while other items, hmm not so popular. It was very clear that a lot of fans are partial to Skipper Anil Kumble, his autographed balls were hot items everyday!

We're currently in the process of verifying winners, disqualifying non-bidders (yes, there were quite a few!), figuring out how to accommodate the international fan base and cashing in the cheques. It takes a couple of business days for us to process the cheques, following which we will courier out the items! We're hoping the couriering process will start this week, we don't want to keep you fans waiting too long!

I'd like to thank all of the participants in the auction. As you are aware, the money being raised goes right to the Go Green cause RCB is championing - all of the money raised! For the few of you who missed out on the auction items you wanted, you'll have to stay glued to this site. We don't have any future auctions planned, but you know we always have something new up our sleeves for you.

Community Manager

P.S. Contact auction@royalchallengers.com with any issues/concerns regarding payment/courier of items.

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