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Being an "ACTIVE" fan v.s. being an "INACTIVE" fan. Both are Welcome.

There were two huge controversies in the last week, and somehow BOTH broached the same (irrelevant?) question: is an active RCB fan "more loyal" than an inactive RCB fan?

I've been a community manager here for 11 months now (yes! it's almost my first anniversary!). I've spoken to so many fans over these months. Here's a look at some of their philosophies:

*** RCB follows Royal Challengers during Ranji Trophy?? RANJI TROPHY?? That's not cricket! Hmph. I only follow RCB during IPL & CLT20, the real tournaments.

*** I love RCB. Adore RCB. It's.. it's Bangalore! Vijay Mallya's team! It's ... i can't explain it. You have to be from Bangalore to get it.... RCB website? Why would I go to the website? .... They do what? Oh. That sounds kind of cool. I guess I should check it out.

*** I'm actually a Delhi Daredevils fan... but no IPL team has a fan club like RCB! I love the website! Does that make me an RCB fan? I don't know... I wish Delhi Daredevils would get their act together... But yeah.. I guess RCB is cool too

*** How many times do I check the RCB website? 5-6 times a day! I love RCB

*** [my personal favorite] Nidhi, I don't have internet access, what's happening on the RCB site today??

My point is, there's so many different kinds of fans. Essentially, from my perspective (as a marketer and community manager), there are 4 types of RCB fans.

1. The Always Active Online Fan - Ya'll are awesome. You're a huge part of the community, and RCB has recognized you by rewarding you through contests/give-aways.

2. The Not Always Active Fans - If I compare the number of page views on this site to the number of comments, the page views will be greater. Yes, I would love for all of the 90,000+ fans to comment on the site. But not everyone is into that sort of thing. Of the 7 fans who had an RCB themed road trip to Leh, how many are active on the site? (disclaimer: i really don't know the answer... but that kind of proves my point, no?)

3. The Not Really RCB fan - The most controversial on this list perhaps. The Delhi Daredevil fan i referenced above, and the CSK fan you might remember from the last few months. Sure CSK dude wasn't a 100% RCB fan. But if we had been more welcoming to him as a community, he would have likely converted. Hey, the DD fan I referenced is in love with RCB now. Think like a marketer - CONVERT THE OTHERSIDE. So what if they weren't 100% on the RCB side. Give them two weeks, they WILL BE. (evil laughter in the background). Seriously, there's so many people out there who are indifferent. My personal goal is to make them love RCB. And besides, a 60% RCB fan won't be invited to events like the Fan Summits. Maybe next year, when he's 95% RCB... heh.

4. The Fan who doesn't know about this site - We have only 90,000 registered fans. Okay, LESS, you all know we've been dealing with a few fake IDs for a while. The population of Bangalore is a couple of million. Plus RCB has fans everywhere! (Shout out to my fellow fans in the Middle East, South Africa, Van de Merwe's dad, that Scottish dude, Louisiana boy, Delhi peeps etc.etc.etc.). True story - there are so many fans that don't know about this website. Are we really going to vilify them for not knowing about this Fan Club> The best part about contests like FFC3 is that silent fans speak up, and everyone invites their friends (for votes * cough*) who then learn about this community.

We DO recognize, appreciate, love our super-active fans. But that doesn't mean we don't love our not so active fans, our less than 100% fans (ahem, as long as they're above 51%) and our ignorance-isn't-bliss-afterall fans.

So can we end this debate, and just be one big happy family?

P.S. Hats off to Gautam for inspiring me to put together a blog post after such a long hiatus. Fun fact: during FFC1, a fan who wasn't shortlisted wrote 1,638 words in total in all his comments arguing against the judging criteria. Now, in FFC3, Gautam wrote 1,999 words defending himself. The power of passion :)

P.P.S. NO @RagsTweets, I do not intend to count all the words you've posted in comments on this site. I do believe they're more than the words I've posted on this site!!

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Latest comments

Looks like everyone has gone INACTIVE after this post!

Went to facebook to see if people have shifted base. No ... that continues to be a place where people reply in monosyllables - often irrelevant too!

Lot of red and gold all over this place ... not much in black to read on a weekend!

Hope the INACTIVE people start contributing!

For those really hungry, I found "All Out for 14" on Cricinfo http://es.pn/alloutfor14 very interesting

When you see dull draws and static websites, nothing to beat the joy of reading an interestin piece of history

@Prometheus - I understand. So long as you are game for 'give and take', aaleezwell

@radiosandeep @wizard @rakesh @monisha thx for all your comments
Raghu-Nath on 31 Jul 2010, 09:39 PM
@nidhi - Give me a job I love, and will never say 'No' to you! ;-)

Nice to see that you are not gussa with me - so "Heart Is where the Community Is" continues to be valid :-)

FFC2 must have been a cool breeze for you! How are you finding the 'heat' of FFC3?

Don't hesitate to call me when you need help to douse the fire! I'm always there ;-)
Raghunath on 31 Jul 2010, 12:56 AM
@mridul - I believe Natasha and you are in constant touch and she is answering on behalf of all the community managers

@raghu - you should consider becoming a columnist for a newspaper. I would hire you. you'd give Sidin a run for his money :P

@Prometheus you're right. Sometimes in off-season, we do neglect the cricket. How can we as community managers help? We've never written about cricket in the CM blog as an intentional habit. But the News is filled with cricket, and we can now urge the FFs to start writing cricket. Suggestions are welcome.

@Rakesh you CAN delete comments, but you'd need to sign in as your sister :P (don't worry, i do this all the time from the moderator account :/)
nidhi@RCB on 30 Jul 2010, 10:12 PM
@ Raghunath: On a very serious note, I enjoy the banter with you. A few quick jabs here and there :D. That's where the fun lies, doesn't it??!! I did put up a few posts but it's a been a couple of months now.

As far as opinions are concerned, I go public with them if it's something i feel strongly about. And that, I assure everyone, is not going to change anytime in the future!! I guess all of us, me included first, are having a "writer's block" as far as pure cricketing posts are concerned. Hopefully, I can put something together very soon!!
Prometheus on 30 Jul 2010, 09:15 PM
Dear Raghunath,

You are absolutely right. We are what we are and we may not be the most refined writers, but, we write what is right.

The point about the tiered progression to the top is very valid one. One has to climb the ladder to reach the top. I am sure now that the 'Contest' has woken up some of the best talents that are far better than the gibberish writers, who hang around this site, the quality of fan club articles is going to be worth archiving.

Looking forward to the magic :)
Wizardprince on 30 Jul 2010, 06:48 AM
oh yes, i agree with monisha ! :)
radiosandeep on 30 Jul 2010, 05:52 AM
Again.. Fish!!!! Last comment was mine.. Why does RCB not allow to delete comments.
rakesh-katti on 30 Jul 2010, 05:51 AM
@raghunath Sir Well said :) Always love to read your comments.. Compiling all your comments with stories would become a new hit novel in the store.
monishakatti on 30 Jul 2010, 05:49 AM

Nice to see you back :-)

Contests are there to be won - absolutely right! That's how and why Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won Miss Universe and Miss World, right? Who on earth would have noticed them if these contests hadn't been there?

But they came thro' a tiered process. Miss Mumbai, Miss India and then Miss Universe / Miss World. The tiers that a Deepika Padukone would abhor. Unfortunately, the Miss World processes do not permit a wild card entry for anyone for the Miss World contest - otherwise, I assure you, she'd have thrown her hat into the ring. She has to come via the layers and layers of Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd contests.

We know that we (I am speaking on behalf of all bloggers here, including myself but not just myself) are not "good enough", but that's all the quality we can bring to the table. Better than "blank" pages, right? Especially when we don't have Sambit Bal, Dileep Premachandran and Sunil Gavaskar writing here!

Time for you to come up with "your first good post here" - and let's hope that would signal the end of silly, gibberish on this site :-)

You have many topics to choose from - 600 vs 600, Sachin's 48th ton, Raina's century on debut, another "so near, yet so far" by Sehwag or a 41 by Mithun! Take your pick - and don't worry, we shall not pass judgements on your post. We shall keep our opinions to ourselves!
Raghunath on 30 Jul 2010, 05:31 AM
@promenthus Last comment was mine :) Dint know that my sister had logged in.. Posted it by mistake.

@promenthus I agree with sandeep. We need very Loyal and dedicated people to be at the most prestigious position called Chief Fanatic Fan. The status of chief fanatic fan itself states that he should be a fanatic. Cant treat it as just a contest. The question of Loyalty and dedication arises in something like this. RCB would have hired three people one professional blogger, one professional cameramen and one professional radio podcaster. Hiring just three ppl is not a big deal for RCB. The reason of having this contest is to give the dedicated fans a chance to meet their IDOLS and perform the job in which they are good at.
If some professional camera men enters the contest who is very new to RCB site and he is not even aware of stars of RCB. Whats the case?
rakesh-katti on 30 Jul 2010, 01:29 AM
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