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After long pause, Consistent Writer Announced!

note from me

sorry for the delay! we decided to introduce runners up in this section since some fans especially displayed high quality of writing. the grand prize of the WIDE ANGLE book still goes out to only one winner, THE consistent writer. but we're offering small mementos to the two runners up (at the moment, the decided prize is signed postcards. since the two runners up have already won posters, we're thinking the postcard signed can be one of their choice from our IPL 2010 collection thoughts?)

since a lot of fans usually ask how they can improve their writing, the jury has been kind enough to identify the top performers of this contest and to provide feedback specific to each of them :)


Sujansalian - Well structured, compact
Prometheus - Very good read, funny and apt
Sachinbengaluru - Good to read and covering almost all the cricketing issues from a Fan's perspective. The only thing missing is the flavour, the touch - but who is trying to be Peter Roebuck here ;-)
disha-shetty - Always look forward to her articles, but am bit disappointed by the lack of spice.
JamWall - "Why do always Indian players fail at big matches?' - That was a very original observation, though there will be many arguments on this. But atleast the thought process was playing inside your system.
guru11 - Satish and Sumithra story was wonderful! Unique take at IPL and how supporting a team can affect and influence the lives.
ashetty21 - Serious doubts whether Abhishek, the 12 year old, was writing the articles or someone else was ghosting for him. Nevertheless it was a great try, believing Abhishek wrote those himself
Wizardprince - Praveen, you have in you to be a flamboyant writer. We are proud to have such classy fans!
Jackky - Good cricketing mind, but there is a fine line between writing blogs and print reports.
rakesh-katti - Good one. But highlighting points merely doesn’t make a good reading, does it!
Rahulbhagchadani - Consistent performer, though bit constricted writing style








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Latest comments

@ nidhi even i m consistent on the website.......
srishti-gajare on 25 May 2010, 10:58 PM
okie got it the names :D
PrinceDravid on 25 May 2010, 01:53 AM
but nidhi hover in wht way tried all sorts and pls well i would luv to know the judge's reaction on my review .....plsi guess i wrote it too long unlike a blog might be there tht i lost it
PrinceDravid on 25 May 2010, 01:52 AM
Nidhi : Any updates on the choices of prizes that runners up for this contest would get?
Sachinbengaluru on 24 May 2010, 10:18 PM
@prince dravid - hover over the names ;)

@ashetty - don't be disappointed, on the contrary you should feel honored! you've made the jury raise their standards of what to expect from young cricket fanatics. you're perfect material for an RCB youth club, should we ever have one :)

@jamwall you'll have to wait for future contests for those prizes :P
nidhi@RCB on 24 May 2010, 10:13 PM
Congrats to the winners and the rest of the top performers!
@Nidhi I just wanted to clarify that I have written all of my articles. I'm sort of disappointed you would think otherwise but oh well.
ashetty21 on 22 May 2010, 07:06 PM
Congrats to all winners

Thanks a lot for mentioning my name being one of the top performers.It's really a honor to have such a recognition amongst such wonderful writers.But I have one hearty request to you.
Can you manage at least a poster or post card signed by the Rahul Dravid for each of the top performers?It will be really icing on the cake.I will be really grateful to you if you could manage it for us.
JamWall on 22 May 2010, 08:50 AM
Well who r the winners can't see any it's all ************ left in blanks.......who r they and anyways very disappointed tht my name wasn't mention either anyways np don't know where was the fault ........might be cos it was a review and not a blog anyways no probs with a heavy heart congrats to all ..........hope i do well the next time as i did learn a few tips :) congrats all
PrinceDravid on 22 May 2010, 06:15 AM
@nidhi:fantastic contest looking for further contests
guru11 on 22 May 2010, 04:44 AM
completely washed out,,disappointed,,
congrats winners
sheffin on 22 May 2010, 01:37 AM
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