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Do you 'Know Your Challengers'?

‘Know Your Challengers’ contest begins on 26th July 2012

Does red and gold run through your veins? As an RCB fanatic you ought to know the men who go out there and challenge the opposition time and again. They have accomplished feats which very few could. How well do you know them?

Let’s put it to the test. We start a ‘Know Your Challengers’ contest on 26th July 2012. Winners will be rewarded with RCB wristbands. Are you ready?

Here are the rules.
1) This contest will be held once in a month.
2) Fans will be asked 5 questions about the challenger.
3) The fans are supposed to mail the answers to community@royalchallengers.com .
4) You score 10 points for every correct answer. No negative marking for wrong answers.
5) You can mail your answers only once.
6) Winners will be announced on 28th July 2012.
7) In case of a tie, the person who mailed the correct answer earliest will be chosen.
8) RCB wrist bands are up for grabs as prizes.

So play the contest and get to know your challengers!

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Latest comments

sudhirRCCB on 02 Sep 2012, 03:30 AM
o no missed it but will surely play next one
sudhirRCCB on 02 Aug 2012, 12:18 PM
Very excited.I already have RCB bands but would like to have more.@Monish,you are doing a fine work on the site and sory for that day.Will the winners will be announced on the site and replied via mail?And when will be jerseys and oher mechandise will be available for redemption?
karthik-shetty4 on 27 Jul 2012, 03:51 AM
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He, along with the fab members of the Fan Advisory Board, plot new schemes to engage with fans and trouble shoot their problems.


Feel free to write to him on community@royalchallengers.com.