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FFC 3:South Africa FAQS - Answering all your questions one by one..

1. What is ‘FFC 3?
Fanatic Fans Challenge 3:South Africa is the sequel to the Fanatic Fans Challenge 2 which took place during IPL 2010 (March 2010). Apply to be one of three Chief Fanatic Fans - Chief Blogger, Chief Photographer or Chief Podcaster. Work on your application, get your friends to vote for you. If you win, you'll get a chance to travel to the CLT20 to watch Team Royal Challengers Bangalore play which you generate content live from South Africa for our fans back home - all expenses paid for. It's your wildest dream come true! Apply Now

2. Who can participate?
You have to be 18 years and above to participate. Below 18? You can participate in our MGM and Mighty 14 contests (wait for it!!)
Also, you need a passport to be able to participate as we will not assist in the process of getting a passport made. The winners will directly be assisted with visa requirements. An invalid passport will result in dis-qualification.

3. Can the winners of FFC 1 & 2 participate too?
Winners of previous FFCs cannot participate, but they will play mentors, and have already shared their experiences on the Flashback page.

4. I did not make it last time, can I try again?
Of Course! There is a reason FFC is back again. It’s so you can try AGAIN!!

5. How do you ensure that no pseudo ID’s are used while voting?
Anyone who you ask to vote for you will have to sign up on Royal Challengers to cast their vote. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you have the most votes and a terrible application. The winners will be judged both on the number of votes they receive and the quality of their application (50-50 split of importance).

6. Do I have to pay for the travel?
Oh C’mon! You did not think we’d arrange all of this and not pay for your travel now, did you? Of course we’ll pay for your travel. It's an all expenses paid trip!

7. So I get to stay with the players and travel everywhere with them?
The big deal about this FFC is that we are taking you to South Africa, you can watch the matches while RCB plays, cover everything while you are on the job and off it, through the entire duration of the CLT20... although this time, the fans will not get VIP access.

8. What can I do to win?
The more complete and impressive your application, the better your chances of it getting featured and you winning the competition and meeting your favorite team! We'll keep posting tips on how to win in this space, so watch this space for all the information. The winner criteria: 50% on number of votes and 50% on quality of application.

9. In case the team loses in the beginning does our trip end or do we still get to stay on in South Africa till the end of the CLT20?
The winners get to enjoy their Chief Fanatic Fan status only as long as RCB is playing. If they lose everyone goes home. So you have got to get their spirits up while you there so they do well win the CLT20 and you have a long trip

10. I’m participating in the so many other contests on RCB, Can I still participate in FFC3?
Yes, absolutely! We treat every contest separately. Participation and decisions to these would be executed separately.

11. How do you apply?
To apply, log on at www.royalchallengers.com and Sign Up. Fill up the application form depending on what you want to sign up for (Chief Blogger, Chief Photographer or Chief Podcaster) and submit your application when you’re done.

12. Why has my application been rejected?
The mail that says your application has been rejected, will state the reasons too. Correct your application and send it through again.

13. How do I get my application featured?
If your application stands out, and it’s something we want to show the rest of the fans as an example of a good example, so they know what they are up against as competition – it will be featured. But if your application isn’t featured already, view the list of Featured Apps for inspiration or go through the tips that I will keep putting up.

14. What do I do once my profile is featured?
Once your application is featured, it means you’re doing well. But that’s not all. You have to get friends, family, enemies (yea, anyone you can) to vote for you. The more the merrier.Get your friends to give you references, share your profile on facebook, twitter, on your blog. You have a load of work. Half way to finish line from here. Start Now!

15. How do I get votes?
Aha! We aren’t going to help you with that!! That’s your job. You ask them to sign up, vote for you, get references, share on facebook, twitter, your blog, talk about your profile everywhere you go. Make your profile impressive and you will get votes. Get it featured and you’ll get more votes.

16. Can people vote more than once?
Hmm.. You really thought we were that silly? No! Of course not. Every person can vote for one profile only once.

17. What is your criterion for selecting the winner?
The winner will be decided solely on the no. of votes collected by an applicant and the quality of his application, specifying why he thinks he’s worthy of the job.

18. From when are the online registration forms available?
Registration for FFC 3:South Africa begins on July 22nd 2010 till August 9th 2010 Midnight, which is until when you can also make any changes to your application.

19. When can we start collecting votes & references?
You can start collecting votes & references after your application has been approved and the dates for this are Jul 22nd 2010 till August 11th 2010 Midnight.

20. What happens after the 21 finalists are shortlisted?
The 21 finalists will be shortlisted on August 12th 2010 after which they will be flown in to Bangalore and have their final audition there (Date and venue to be decided)

21. When does the contest end?
The final 3 Chief Fans will be announced in Bangalore after the audition. Contest ends when the CLT20 ends or the team loses whichever is earlier.

21. What are the prizes?
You get to travel to South Africa and watch RCB PLAY AT CLT20!! What more does a fanatic fan want??

Apply Apply Apply!!

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Latest comments

@Natasha - The change in rules overnight cannot be an error. It was mentioned as part of the faq's and when one fan questioned why FFC1 winners are allowed to participate, your reply was "Just like we did not allow the FFC1 winners to participate in FFC2, similarly…"

So does it mean when you replied you did not realize it was an error. It took about 3 days and 45 odd comments to finally realize it was an error???

One more thing...I get an update from another CM that "it was change in decisions" which means it is not an error.

So again comes back to what we communicate and the ability to communicate consistently. Two versions from two CM's. If it was changed for some reasons (obviously the dis-pleasure shown by few fans), just accept it and move forward.

Siva A N
SivaAN on 28 Jul 2010, 04:53 AM
@Kunjan: the criteria for selection is 50%votes and 50% quality of the app. You may have the best app ever, and the most professional ways of writing, clicking your pictures or podcasting but in the end your love for RCB will be put to the test.
The final judgement will lie with the CM and the moderator and the rest of the backend at RCB.
If you have worked towards building your reputation with everyone at RCB and they know you through the noise you make at the Club, you are already half way to winning :)
natasha@RCB on 28 Jul 2010, 04:19 AM
@Raghu: haha!! Thank you! Your appreciation is much valued. About the rules getting changed last min - errrmm.. not something we are into at RCB, its more error correction when it happens.. We do not bend the rules for anyone.. what's the fun in that then?
natasha@RCB on 28 Jul 2010, 04:13 AM
@Natasha Very diplomatic, non-committal, appreciative answer! You've mastered the art of managing a community in such a short time :-)

I still believe Chief Judge suggestion should be taken seriously. A Fan rep in the Committee is important to ensure "real fan's interests" are protected.

@radiosandeep In my view, Ram Guha should be nominated the Chief Blogger of RCB for 5 years. We then won't have to go through the ordeal of watching pseudo-fans springing up from all over the world with their "awesome" writing skills! And anyway no one would doubt Guha's leanings towards RCB!!

@kartik-kannan You are similar to Judge 3 I mentioned earlier. The most dangerous types of judges who kill 'fan-spirit' with just one stone

@KunJan Looks like Chief Judge is a good and easy option for you now! Something tells me this Natasha girl wields considerable power and influence to get rules changed ;-) even in the last minute
Raghunath on 28 Jul 2010, 01:59 AM
@radiosandeep The problem however is how do you know if a fan is RCBian at heart or just faking it? Should there be like a rule that says 6months on community showing some kind of activity? Siva's question is valid, where do we draw the line here?

@natasha: Make sure that atleast the CM votes stand for selection of the final 3, that is if there is no RCB Judge from the fan club, or atleast brief the judges about the activity that the fan has been doing in the fan club before the fans walk into the audition room. Even if the fan isn't selected, the judges know what every fan auditioning with them is capable of, and that sort of is a consolation prize in itself.

PS: Can we move the comment box to appear at the top, on a thread like this it gets too painful to scroll to the bottom! :) Or otherwise the comments have to in the order of the oldest first, to the newest last, it becomes easier to read and the comment box appears close the the latest comment! :)
KunJan on 27 Jul 2010, 11:13 PM
Hi Natasha, my concern is not at all about wanting to participate in the competition. I really do want to give others a chance. All i did was to ask why rules are different for FFC1 and FFC2 winners, and we appreciate the fact that you set it right.
Mine and Raghunath's concern is about opportunism shown by some folk who appear only when there is a competition to win or some goodies to take home. What is the point in spending lakhs of rupees on a person who is not even RCBian at heart, and wont contribute anything to the club immediately after his days of luxury are over?
radiosandeep on 27 Jul 2010, 11:04 PM
Here is where I step in:
@everyone: I know that past Chief FF's are upset that are not getting an opportunity to participate but to explain the rules, FFC is a HUGGEEE campaign. For those of you who have won its like winning, it was a huge opportunity you got where you travelled the team, got VIP access, partied with the players, in short lived your dream. We think that another fan deserves that chance to live the same dream.
Allowing an ex-CFF to participate, dampens the talent of any other budding fan, because his competition is someone with experience of being out there.
Take for example: A beauty pageant - Aishwarya Rai won that title just once and lived the memories of it forever.. You (Siva and RadioSandeep) are those legends at RCB!! You have earned that place at RCB and have memories you can hold onto forever. What will be great is, if you played to mentors to the new fans, help out through blogs or discussion forums and tell them what it takes to get there.
About the rules changing overnight: That was an error from our end, which we fixed. It was not changed because of fans.

@Raghu: I think your suggestions are smart. I like how you used it in your favour ;)

I hope I have answered almost everyone's doubts. If not, this comments section is still open..

PS: Sorry about the example of a beauty pageant but you know what I mean dontcha? ;)
natasha@RCB on 27 Jul 2010, 10:58 PM
I think the contest can be open to all. Just tweak the rules in terms of lesser brownie points for a past winner and a little more for an active fan. At the end of the day, we just want the best podcaster/photographer and Blogger :-)
kartik-kannan on 27 Jul 2010, 10:50 PM
@Siva: Interesting that you bring up this question, but how many of the chiefs have remained active after the journey except Radio and yourself? There isn't a way of identifying who will stay and who will not. What Raghu sir and I have been trying to say for the last two FFC's is that the proven fans get first priority to selection before any new face. There are a lot of people in this community that are doing amazing work, have enough skill to make it to final 27. But then, a guy who is just joined the club a day or a month or even six months back, a guy who hasn't done much or any work for the community walks away with the grand prize because he has the professional skills required? That's not being fair on your most loyal fans!

Like the idea of having an RCB Judge or a group of RCB fans who will discuss the loyalty of the fans with the three judges at the audition!

We give fans who are "proven loyals" a higher rank than a fan whose just joined is what I'm saying.

Photography interests everybody, even I take a lot of photos with my 2 MP mobile camera and enjoy editing them on photoshop to bring the best out of the pictures, but no way am I to call myself a professional after I've seen your work! :)
Assume Sandeep uses his digital camera to do just that! :)
KunJan on 27 Jul 2010, 07:35 PM
@Raghu sir, radiosandeep & kunjan - these competitions are also an opportunity for the club to bring in more new fans. Are we saying that we should not give an opportunity to the new fans? How is the management / judge going to assess them. Some fans could have just joined RCB to participate in the competition. After the contest is over, he could be loyal & active too. Where & how do we draw a line here? Should we bring in a criteria for taking part in such contests like Raghu sir mentioned earlier? This might drive away many new fans who would be interested to join and turn out to as loyal / active as?????

@radiosandeep - glad to know that you do photography as well. Curious to know which equipment do you use?

Siva A N
SivaAN on 27 Jul 2010, 07:17 PM
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