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Funny Fan Ambassador Story

We have been looking for Fan Ambassadors, as many of you who have received the RCB emailer may have noticed.

Guess what replies we got?

We actually had people send in resumes assuming that we were hiring for a job at RCB!!!

If any of you have emailed me and has been wondering why I been taking time to reply, well its cause I had a flooding of resumes coming in with people asking for a "JOB" as Fan Ambassador.

So Hilarious how my inbox was flooded, I had to explain to you guys any delay in replying - through a blog post.. :)

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Latest comments

:P Rofl.. Yeah ppl might have thought u're going to hire them to be Team Ambassador like deepika :P :D
rakesh-katti on 08 Jul 2010, 08:54 AM
lol ;) People would love to work with UB Groups.. ;)
I've no doubts about the resumes they sent :p
allen-abhishek on 08 Jul 2010, 07:21 AM
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