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I spent a good part of yesterday sitting alone wondering, why are fans people STILL upset? And then it struck me.

"Discover Durban with RCB" - two fundamental issues. (1) We allowed people to "disagree" and it brought out the dark side of the community. (2) We did a good job making sure who applied, but we didn't think far enough to who can vote.

We never intended this to be a VOTE-FOR-ME contest. We didn't give you the tools to vote (usually we allow you to import all of your contacts and send them an email). We didn't do this for the Royal Send Off either - fans didn't have links to their apps and couldn't specifically ask for votes. We don't want a community of people who never come back, we want a community of passionate RCB Fans. (see point #2 below).

(1)You'll notice as of yesterday morning, we have disabled "Disagree" and have hidden all the comments.

(2)A more detailed blogpost is coming up which outlines the "new and refreshed" criteria to win. Because, we HAVE noticed those messages going out saying: "simply clicked on Facebook Connect, it's so easy, and give me a vote".

One more note
I understand a lot of you had reservations and had noticed these 2 problems before the community managers did. You have access to our email addresses - natasha@royalchallengers.com and nidhi@royalchallengers.com - *some* of you have access to our phones & social networks. I prefer you contact us on our RCB email addresses, but if things get bad, by all means let us know! Not in the Fan Club, not in the discussion forum, but somewhere you know we will reply ASAP. Please email us about any other problems you think are severe enough to highlight.

Any complaints about bugs / pages not working / forgotten passwords should NOT go to us, but to rcbsupport@royalchallengers.com - this will ensure a quicker reply.

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Latest comments

sudhirRCCB on 24 Nov 2013, 12:23 PM
sudhirRCCB on 08 Nov 2013, 09:11 AM
@Raghu - it's also a case of "common sense" :/

"But there is a history of “not learning from and acting on past mistakes” and if that can be avoided, all will be fine."

Wish you hadn't pulled out, you could've won
nidhi@RCB on 09 Sep 2010, 01:49 AM
@Mridul You must be referring to…

Rahul Dravid’s Message (circa Aug 23) - http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/rahuls-message-to-his-fans/

Robin Uthappa’s Message (Circa Aug 23) - http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/robin-uthappas-message-to-his-fans/

There was one taken on Sept 4 too, but the audio is pretty terrible.
nidhi@RCB on 09 Sep 2010, 01:49 AM
its really a pain taking process to resolve every single issue in our place and reply to every single mails but u guys r doin a really good job :)
DharmaChandru on 04 Sep 2010, 02:21 AM
Thanks for taking so much care on us yet again Nidhi.But try responding to our FAQs regarding Royal Send Off as soon as possible.
maddydravid on 03 Sep 2010, 05:57 AM

Thanks for the soothing, post-contest, controversy-mitigating note - as always, nicely worded and touching :)

But there is a history of "not learning from and acting on past mistakes" and if that can be avoided, all will be fine.

If your daily prayer can include a line "The Mallyas have set up this community out of love for "genuine fans" and I shall do justice to this expectation", you will surely do well.

And a second prayer line can be "The Mallyas expect me to reach out to as many and every "genuine fan" and bring them to the site".

I will leave it to you to define and publish the "Profile Of A Genuine RCB Fan"

Raghunath on 03 Sep 2010, 04:33 AM
its ok
but you said 1 month ago "on monday we would have dravid's video"

but 1 month left,if this monday will come ever
mridul-mittal on 03 Sep 2010, 02:16 AM
Waiting to hear more on this..

The fundamental problem however with most being disappointed was that the clarification of the rules for "Discover Durban" came after the argument was done and dusted by the fans. Raghu pulled and so many others were left wondering if they should pull out too..

I hope this post means they will be back to their happier ways into the community..

KunJan on 03 Sep 2010, 12:14 AM
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