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India vs Pakistan - A Tale Of Two Countries

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While people squabble to find places in stadiums, the less privileged book their favourite seats in front of the television. And if it is a ODI match, the excitement reaches fever pitch. Pakistan and India was once bigger and better than any blockbuster movie Bollywood ever witnessed.

Both countries take this battle very seriously. The history between the two nations is the reason for this hype, but the revellers aren’t complaining. Every time a clash takes place, you would only wish that you were either be in India or in Pakistan and nowhere else in the world. It is a slugfest at its peak. Stories of these matches are told for years on end, each unique in its own right.

The India Pakistan encounters call for a lot of mayhem. People on the streets, commuters, children, housewives alike, people from all walks of life come together to participate in this incredible feat. And what’s more, matches on Sundays come as a welcome change to a usually lazy schedule. A Sunday with Ind vs Pak on TV is nothing less than jackpot for fans and a victory for India is the biggest celebration ever.

However, the excitement and intensity that Indo-Pak clashes once generated is slowly on the decline and there are several reasons for this. A large chunk of Indian fans have literally stopped watching cricket ever since Sachin Tendulkar retired. While it may be an exaggerated reaction, it is true to an extent.

There is a vast difference between India-Pakistan matches of the 90's and those that take place today. The legends have retired, the current teams are young and so is their rivalry. The frenzy hasn't completely died. People still anxiously wait for a result, though, in relatively small numbers. Shahid Afridi's presence in the side is a major factor why Pakistan fans love their cricket. For India, Virat Kohli is the new ambassador and his fan following has touched a new level.

India's phenomenal record of 9-0 in World Cup matches against Pakistan is also one reason why the rivalry is now becoming lopsided and predictable. Let's hope for the tables to turn in the near future. After all, what is an India-Pakistan cricket match without bitten nails and sweaty palms?

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well written! A Tale Of Two Countries, right way of calling!
oye on 24 Mar 2014, 12:04 PM
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