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Interview with RCB Sketchstar Mahesh Nambiar

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After winning the RCB ‘FFC 5’, Mahesh Nambiar’s sketches have become a rage. Nambiar, who has received accolades for his amazing sketches of RCB players was named as the official RCB Sketchstar right before the IPL. You can find his sketches in our Sketchstar gallery. Here are excerpts from an interview with the talented artist.

How did it feel to be the official RCB Sketchstar? What was your reaction when you heard about the news?

I felt very proud and honored about being the official RCB Sketchstar as it was an excellent opportunity for me to merge sketching and cricket, two things which I am really passionate about.

royal challengers
Mahesh's entry for the FFC 5

How and when did you take up sketching as a career?

I was very much interested in drawing from my childhood, but unfortunately there was not much encouragement for me to take up sketching as a career in those days. After I completed college, I turned more into an artist and took it up as my career.

Are you a self taught artist or did you undergo any formal training?

After graduating in Commerce, I joined an art school to learn the basic techniques of sketching and painting and also took up an Animation course in the meanwhile where I mostly sketched anatomy, character designs, poses and expressions. But the style I used for the RCB sketches are totally different from what I have learned as those are self gained through practice and observation.

According to you what is the most essential quality that a cartoonist needs to have?

I think a Cartoonist needs to have good observation, visualization skills, patience and a lot of practice.

What type of sketches do you prefer more sports, politics or films?

I like all of them but I prefer sports.

How do you go about making a sketch? Is there a process involved or do you just let your hand do the work?

Yes, there are few steps involved. The First step is to plan whom and what should I draw. Next, I study the character, features and mannerisms of the particular subject. Then draw some quick thumbnail sketches to get an idea. The next step is to draw a final sketch, either on paper or computer with the help of a Tablet/Cintiq. Lastly I clean up the sketch and color it. I usually use Photoshop for my paintings.

Favorite personality to sketch?

No favourites as such. I like to sketch personalities with good facial features.

Your inspiration?

Disney Animator Glenn Keane is my inspiration.

Favourite RCB player? Why?

Chris Gayle. He is the most entertaining cricketer.

Easiest RCB player to sketch?

Virat Kohli.

Most difficult RCB player to sketch?

Vinay Kumar.

Favourite RCB sketch so far?

Ravi Rampaul's sketch, I made it after he bowled that fantastic super over against Delhi Daredevils.

royal challengers
Advice to budding sketch artists/cartoonists?

Feel, Learn and then draw!

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Nice sketches .. I liked ravi rampaul's sketch in particular ./
Sachinbengaluru on 02 Jun 2013, 01:43 PM
great job
bappaditya on 24 May 2013, 08:04 PM
he pumped up Stadium with is art and whole world Damn man you are great artist
sudhirRCCB on 22 May 2013, 11:09 PM
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