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Introducing 3 new Fanatic Fans

I'm surprised none of you have noticed the masthead in the Fan Club that says 40 Fanatic Fans!


That's right, we have three new Fanatic Fans! You should be familiar with two... the third is a new face :)

1. Fanatic Fan Sahai - Abhinav Sahai was short listed for the Fanatic Fan Challenge and was at position 10. On the morning of the audition, we received a cancellation and immediately called Abhinva. He made it to the venue, but because he missed out on the week of campaigning and blogging, his chances of winning were slim. Nevertheless, he got to meet Jumbo and Coach Jennings, so it wasn't all in vain. In all the following commotion - three chiefs, CLT20, pre-IPL prep, we forgot to give Abhinav the title he so rightfully deserves. I reached out to him a few weeks ago, and he graciously accepted the position of Fanatic Fan and said he'd love to contribute to the blog posts in the Fan Club. :)

2. Fanatic Fan Batty - Prabhat surfaced on the Facebook community a few weeks ago. He was very active, and at 16 he knows far more about cricket than a lot of other people I know. He even sent in a sample post a few weeks ago to show he has what it takes to be a Fanatic Fan! He's also helped Poshin on the Trivia and will most probably be hosting RCB Trivia 6.

3. Fanatic Fan RadioSandeep Sandeep's a new name in the RCB Fan Club. He's from Bangalore, used to play cricket, has fun recollections of interacting with RCB players in the past, and has proposed recording a podcast for the RCB Fan Club. I'll let him share more when he gets the chance.

As the Fan Club grows and we get to know more fans, we see a lot of talent that deserves recognition. We don't yet have a formal system of inducting new Fanatic Fans (it's on its way), and in the meanwhile, we're running contests and using general judgement to identify the fanaticism :P We'll keep gradually adding the the Fanatic Fans - know that it's something you can aspire to become :P

P.S. Before I get comments asking HOW -- you gotta add to the Fan Club in a significant way! E.g. Prabhat's been active for a month (he's also Fan of the Month). So keep being active; we're watching everything, we know if you've been naughty or nice :P

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Latest comments

Welcome guys.

Siva A N
SivaAN on 07 Jan 2010, 01:22 AM
Thanks Nidhi for an awesome intro.
@Jackky @Raghu and @Disha thanks a lot for the welcome :)
sahai on 01 Jan 2010, 03:46 PM
Welcome to the World of Royal Challengers Fanatic Fans Cl;ub.

Hope you all enjoy and love to be the part of it.
jackky on 30 Dec 2009, 07:16 AM
Welcome guys, hope to see you honking on the keyboard!

Nidhi, interesting. I liked the last sentence most!

BTW, my folks have already declared me as a noisy, naughty guy ;-) whose comments are longer than the blog itself!

They are planning to get a pet (dog) to keep me busy and away from the internet!!
Raghunath on 30 Dec 2009, 03:24 AM
thats nice! Welcome to the RCB wagon :)
disha-shetty on 30 Dec 2009, 02:44 AM
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