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IPL 7 Auctions: More players should be retained

With the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League slated to begin early next year, players from all franchises are set to go under the hammer for the 2nd time since the tournament’s inception in 2008.

royal challengers

However, uncertainty seems to be looming at large regarding the player retention rules that will come into play. While majority of the players will be part of the auction, it is still unclear as to how many of them can be retained by the owners. A core group of at least 5-6 cricketers must be retained by their respective teams to avoid imbalance. Not only do these individuals provide a strong foundation for their team, but also earn the loyalty of their fans, who wouldn’t want their favourite franchises to undergo much of chopping and changing. It would be wrong to expect spectators to support a side that isn’t consistent to an extent.

The onus is on the governing body, which needs to ensure there is an even competition when it comes to the bidding process. The current auction set-up allows a couple of IPL teams to use up their entire quota of salary cap and plus more blind bidding at the end. Teams that are owned by smaller group of corporations often don’t have the luxury when it comes to the salary cap. Hence, they are forced to let go certain players because of a restricted budget. Certain teams have done a complete overhaul of their squads, and yet failed to make it to the last four; while a few have actually marched on to win the trophy.

Team rebuilding is an essential part of this dynamic competition and it is justified to a certain extent. The inclusion of new players from different teams will definitely add flavor to the team in terms of strategy and performance. But even as that happens, the fundamentals need to be untouched, so as to bring a certain amount of stability on the field. It becomes easier for the management and coaches to work with a particular batch of players who will stay with their franchise season after season. The duplication of knowledge to the juniors also becomes smoother because the core group has the most understanding of the team dynamics.

We’ll have to wait and watch how the IPL 7 auction pans out!

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Latest comments

My rcb team 2014. 1.Chris gayle. 2.robbin utthappa. 3.virat kohli(c). 4.ab di Villiers. 5.yuvaraj Singh. 6.cori Anderson. 7.irfan pathan 8.mitchel johnsan. 9.VINAY Kumar. 10.buvaneshwar Kumar. 11.amith mishra
santhosh1 on 01 Feb 2014, 10:26 PM
We should retain only Virat, Gayle n AB.
pradeep-cornelio1 on 07 Jan 2014, 03:38 PM
Retain Kohli, Gayle, Puraja, Tiwary and AB Devilliers. It will be difficult to get batsman. Bowlers are more easy to get.
sanjay-narasimha-murthy on 02 Jan 2014, 05:42 PM
Retain GAYLE VIRAT and ABD >>>> Bring in UTTAPPA ,TAYLOR ,MAYANK and MANISH PANDEY>>>>>> These guys would scare any bowling lineup
thulaa-tharshan on 24 Dec 2013, 11:54 AM
From experience,I would say we should use all five presented slots.Virat,Gayle,AB,Vinay and Unadkat should be retained!!! We suffered in 2011 auctions by letting the great time to be an ordinary side unless Gayle was a blessing in disguise.We should sign back Mayank,KL Rahul,Murali Kartik,RP Singh,Vijay Zol and look out for some fringe international players who have good T20 records!!!! Local players hold the key,I wish Manish Pande comes back!!! Even want to see Ross Taylor back in Bangalore!!!!
karthik-shetty4 on 19 Dec 2013, 10:24 PM
gayle adb and virat shld be retained mayanak shld and vinay shld be picked again and shld pick uthappa,binny,yuvi,yushuf,philander and morne morkel and andrewson pravin tambe, ojha, rahul sharma should be picked then playing 11 mayank (bat)gayle (all)kohli (captain) yuvi (all)abd (wk) (bat)uthappa (bat)binny (all)vinay (bowl)morne morkel (bowl)phailander/andrewsdon (bowl)Rahul sharma/ojha/pravin tambe(bowl)
shreyass on 19 Dec 2013, 09:31 AM
Completely agree with you on this!! A fan would also like to see his favourite players retained even as there are other new players and young talent that comes in to maintain the balance of the team ..
Sachinbengaluru on 18 Dec 2013, 02:49 PM
ab,vrat ,gayle should be retained
vaibhav-madhukar1 on 15 Dec 2013, 04:26 PM
Gayle, Virat, AB D, Tiwati should be retained
Vinod7 on 13 Dec 2013, 12:47 AM
virat, gayle, abd
Vinod7 on 13 Dec 2013, 12:46 AM
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