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Mighty 14 from Durban & Discover Durban Winners

Although Durban is an entire Indian Ocean away from India, Bangalore we have a whole bunch of fans in South Africa! (proof: the RCB red and gold flags at the South African stadiums out-numbering the other teams flags and colours) And we hand-picked 14 of most fanatic and mightiest of them to make it to the Mighty 14 Durban title!!

These 14 made it to the Mumbai Indians v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore match and boy! did they have a lot of fun.

royal challengers

They were asked to co-ordinate with the RCB team officials in Durban and once they met them at the stadium they were all surprised to find out that Ross Taylor would be giving away their RCB jerseys to them. Ross Taylor, enjoyed all the fan drama and was wished a whole bunch of luck by 14 of these fans, who then got their tickets to the match and cheered away as the team played and put up a tough fight against the Mumbai Indians.

Here are the 14 whose jerseys spelt out "RCB FANATIC FANS" announcing their fanaticism to the rest of the crowd.

royal challengers

To know that RCB has fans not just in Bangalore and India but all over the world...... makes me realize how amazing this team is, and this sure is the tam with the craziest fan following!!

Another bunch of winners at this match were the Discover Durban winners - the most fanatic fans off of RCB who won tickets to the match as a tribute from RCB for them having being such amazing fans on the site!
royal challengers

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Latest comments

Gr8! I wantedthe ROSSIEs jersey!
girish-prabhu1 on 27 Apr 2011, 09:39 PM
WHAT? Even the Durban Mighty 14 got to meet Ross Taylor and not me? This is like the 7th instance of me missing out on meeting him lol...
soleiletchiots on 22 Sep 2010, 10:14 PM
congrats :)
arunrc on 22 Sep 2010, 07:20 AM
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