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Our First Match, Our First Win!

Yesterday was RCB's first match against Guyana and we knew we were going to walk-through to winning position quite early on in the match.

Lady Luck was in RCB's favour with first winning the toss and then the very easy victory for RCB. RCB sure started the tournament well. The beauty of winning yesterday was not just the part that we won but that we won with 49 balls to spare, and that was what made the winning so worthwhile. Guyana only had a score of 102 for RCB to beat and if RCB couldn't have beaten that, it sure would have been shameful. But RCB helped us hold our heads high and with pride for not just beating their score but beating it with a 106 with just one wicket down AT 8.1 overs. We are so proud of RCB! It took nothing out of them to win this match, which proves to all of us that they are geared up for a lot more competition.

What was disappointing though was Rahul Dravid's performance yesterday. One catch missed and no real performance to showcase with his batting either. The one wicket that RCB did lose was Rahul Dravid, but I guess we could spare him the criticism this match since we've won and also since he was not totally feeling his best yesterday, he should get better by the 17th :)

Looking forward to a whole lot more excitement in the days to follow! Go RCB!!

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Latest comments

@maddy: i know maddy.. I really like Dravid too, nothing against him :)

@SujanSalian: you are absolutely right. But the fact that they won with so much energy left to spare, shows there were geared up for a lot more.

Looking forward to a whole lot more of a fight to win in the rest of the matches with RCB shining all through at the end! :)
natasha@RCB on 14 Sep 2010, 11:04 PM
Kallis was the man no matter wht exceptional with the ball and phenomenal with the bat his shots were full of confidence loved it...........dravid well a catch dropped and batting was decent but yeah as he wasn't fit i bet he'd come back strong tht's how he is u just can't chnge him ;) uthappa whoah man so confident in his strokes loved the entire rcb attitude gr8 bowling fielding amazin stuff hAIL RCB !! :)
PrinceDravid on 14 Sep 2010, 10:13 AM
Dravid seems to be a bit under-confident about his abilities. What he needs is just a huge confidence booster...
nakul-kamath on 14 Sep 2010, 07:14 AM
Natasha Dravid did not have practice for past 4 days and he had drips the previous day.He was not completely fit.And even if Dravid fails this series(HE WONT,JUST AN ASSUMPTION),no1 can blame him because HE IS GOD.
maddydravid on 14 Sep 2010, 06:24 AM
It was a commendable performance by RCB. No worries about Rahul Dravid though. Champion players are all quality and technique. But I love to see Manish Pandey opening with Kallis, and RD coming one down, followed by Uthappa. But we have problem of plenty, because we don't know whom to rest, if Pandey is playing.
Talking about RCB, it should keep the momentum going, because Guyana is probably the weakest team in our group, and they are in no way as strong as Trinidad and Tobago. Matches against MI and Lions would not be that easy.
Sujansalian on 14 Sep 2010, 06:23 AM
KALLIS RULEDD VS GUYANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boss is bac!!
STUNN on 14 Sep 2010, 05:04 AM
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