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RCB vs MI: CLT20 2011 final match

After a big roller coaster ride, CLT20 final match is here. And the best thing about it is, both Indian teams have qualified for the finals!

A small shocker is that both of them have never won any trophy too. So it's going to be the fight to WIN. While both teams are awesome, raring to go and going to be in their best form, let us wish them Good Luck and a great game!

Being an RCBian for life, it's definitely going to be the loudest roar ever for win. We have reached the finals 3 times and yet, we are still waiting for that trophy. But today, it'll change. We will write the history in Golden and we will emerge as winners.

True that the pitch is a tough one. True RCB has not played any matches in Chennai before. But RCB has fought big battles and never given up. RCB has scored the highest ever runs in CLT20 2011. RCB has chased the highest ever runs in CLT20 too. RCB has shown the substance, the power, the will and the character! Now it's just the matter of 40 overs and yes, we will grab it.

When the critics said that we rely on Gayle, Virat and Dilshan, Vettori silenced them by playing winning knocks. When our bowlers were being criticized for being incompetent, Vettori took the stand and led us to another win. Our fielding efforts are constantly being checked and improved by our mentors. We have seen them practicing the tough catches and dives. All the hardwork will be converted into that sweet fruit called the victory!

It's going to be the tough game. MI bowlers vs. RCB batsmen, as they say. Both teams have struggled and reached this stage. Both have equal chances of winning today. And like a dedicated RCBian, I'll bleed Red, Gold and Blue tonight. I'll cheer my team to victory. Are the fans and friends with their team today? Are they ready with their Red jerseys, flags and buggles?

It's the game for life, it's the race to victory.. For the best team ever, the loudest cheer from their fanatic RCBian "ARRRRRR CEEEEEEE BEEEEEE!"

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Latest comments

but i am sure v will come stronger than ever
mulgur on 17 Oct 2011, 10:37 PM
unfortunate v lost it
mulgur on 17 Oct 2011, 10:36 PM
we lost it
mohamedfasiahmed on 17 Oct 2011, 01:56 AM
good cricket
gaurv on 17 Oct 2011, 12:05 AM
Finals really hurt me...........?we lost another final
krishnasa1 on 13 Oct 2011, 08:32 AM
lordsatyajit on 13 Oct 2011, 04:28 AM
I am missing the team Red-n-Gold. And u?
foram@RCB on 13 Oct 2011, 02:03 AM
we rcb r great team but unluckey
sudhirRCCB on 13 Oct 2011, 01:30 AM
redrohit on 12 Oct 2011, 08:35 PM
We always do Impossible things.........
But, always fails to do those things which are possible......
abdul-razak on 12 Oct 2011, 06:01 PM
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