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Top 30 selected for Big Break

Launched on 14th March, many RCB fans enthusiastically participated in a hope to get 'Big Break' With the RCB team. The judges had to do hours and hours of thinking on whom to select and whom to reject.The level of competition was so high that at one point of time, Judges wanted to know if more than 30 candidates can be selected. But as per the rules of the Big Break, Judges finally came down to Top 30 candidates, whom they think deserve to win the Big Break.

Those who are not a part of Top 30, should not feel disheartened because we at RCB believe that the Club is run by fans and we have many more contests lined up for you.

So hold your breath, as we announce the names of Top 30 candidates who will be flying down to Bangalore for final auditions on 31st March, 2011 at Chinnaswamy Stadium and will get closer to their dreams!

Sr. NoCandidate Name
1Pawan nara
2Praveen K. Gupta
4Naman Maharaja
5Kalveer Biradar
6Abdulgani Mujawar
7Parag raag
8Suhasini Mitra
9Jinish Mehta
10Anand CJ
11Siddharth Thangaraj
12Prajwal rai
13Lavanya Ramakrishna
14Ayush Agarwala
15Mandar Dewalkar
16Ankit Agarwal
17Abhishek Shivaram
18Nijil kumar
19Vikram Afzulpurkar
20Anuraag wagh
21Vivek c
22Shivakumar Lakshminarayana
23Nisha Shetty
24Neha Ghosh
26Pratik poddar
28Rishikanth Somayaji
29Achala Dwarakanath
30Rahul Bhagchandani

In case any of the Top 30 candidates cannot come to the auditions on 31st March, back-up candidates will be announced by the end of the day. Also note that candidates will have to present their entry in form of teams, which will be announced by Community Managers later in the day.

About the D-Day(Auditions):

Themes for the Final Round are as follows:

1) Introduction of the team: Introduce the New RCB Team to the fans. Mention their skills, highlight their achievements, their uniqueness and the role they will play in the new RCB team.

2) Engage: Rains have interrupted the match between Chennai Super Kings vs RCB. And you just have 10 mins to engage, entertain and interact with the fans. What will you do so that rains don't dampen the spirits of the fans?

3)Motivational video for players: A player or the team is going through a lean patch and is under heavy pressure from everyone the crowd, the media and all others to perform. Show us how will you motivate the players boost their morale and charge them up to take up the challenge.

Candidates can make a Podcast, Video, Short Movie, Show case their talent over there etc. Whatever they do, they will be judged as a team and not as an individuals. The entire idea needs to be presented in 12 minute

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Latest comments

u guys are lucky...
majesticmahi on 05 Apr 2011, 05:48 AM
wow i m looking a wonderful opportunity ........
Yahya on 01 Apr 2011, 08:42 PM
tried my best but didn't get a chance
majesticmahi on 01 Apr 2011, 06:33 PM
Thank you everyone. Looking forward to making wonderful videos on RCB.
kalveerbb on 01 Apr 2011, 09:09 AM
and special wishes to kalveer,u deserved it bro!!!
shrinidhi on 01 Apr 2011, 08:00 AM
congrats guys! well done!! am sure you are gonna have the time of your life...make the most of it!
mtanwani on 01 Apr 2011, 07:56 AM
congratulations to all the 3....and here goes my dream:(:(
shrinidhi on 01 Apr 2011, 05:37 AM
Anuraag wagh congrats . i m sure rcb will be have high morale
Yahya on 31 Mar 2011, 09:12 PM
can i know my ranking in big break and and tel is THERE ANY CHANCES of me getting selected,i rlly want to be in...:(
shrinidhi on 30 Mar 2011, 09:50 PM
hi chintan, it would be nice if you could announce all the teams here. it would help us form strategies..
SingerLavanya on 30 Mar 2011, 09:32 PM
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