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Want to be a Royal Challenger's Ambassador?

Fanatic Fan KunJan tells us how.

Kunal Kamdar aka KunJan as we all know him, has come with a bunch of creative ideas to show off and be a Royal Challenger's Ambassador every way you can. I had to share his fanaticism with you all. Here is the email he sent us

KunJan writes:
Show support using twibbon on twitter:

I have created 2 Twibbons, One with the text "I support RCB!" with RCB logo in it.. Sample is named Twibbon 1(attached).
Link to get this twibbon: http://twibbon.com/join/I-support-RCB-3

The second twibbon is RCB Twibbon - Logo Only.png.
• Log on to twibbon.com using the twitter id..
• Create a twibbon, U will be asked to upload a PNG file.. Use the one attached..
• Fill in the details as required.. and create! A Logo of RCB will appear on the left bottom corner of the profile pic on twitter..

Show support to RCB on facebook, Create a Stamp. (Sample attached, RCB Fan with Stamp.jpg)
(Assuming all fans have Photoshop on their computers)
• Instructions to add this fan stamp are as follows:
• Open the profile pic u want to upload on facebook in photoshop.
• Create a new layer: Layer - New - Layer
• Open the RCBFanStamp.psd (File - Open - Locate File, Select it, Ok)
• Select All, Copy on the fanstamp.psd file
• Paste it on the new layer that was created.
• Use the Move tool on the toolbar to move the stamp anywhere u like on the pic
• Ctrl T - increase or decrease the size of the stamp.
• When happy: Save the file. File - Save as (Choose file type as .jpg [jpeg])
• Tadaaa.. u now have an RCB approved fan stamp! Show off! :)

Promote the Fanatic Fans Challenge using banners on fans blogs:
A sample that i have created to promote FFC. Hope u like it!
Can create similar one within hours.. This one took me roughly 3 hours, and that because i had to think of the text to put in there and to animate it at the end.

I think KunJan has gone all out to show the world every way he can support Royal Challengers and its pretty easy because I did all of this step and step and made it too considering that I think photoshop is very difficult for me to get everything done.
Good Job with this KunJan!
Till the Next post! ;)

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Latest comments

oops.. i thought I had put up everything you sent to me. Sorry
natasha@RCB on 16 Feb 2010, 11:09 PM
natasha - U are also missing the RCBFanStamp.psd download link for the fans to download. Guys, use this link to get it:

Leave me question on Twitter,Facebook
KunJan on 16 Feb 2010, 08:44 PM
Oh.. Wanted to post this one as it was being delayed for no reason.. Natasha - thanks for taking care of this!

Guys - some pointers

1. If you have created the logo only twibbon, please share the URL. Not everybody has to create the twibbon!

2. For people using the banner to promote RCB, use this tag with image placed in between:
Replace Upload URl to the place where u have uploaded the file. This will link the image to the FFC contest page!

Do leave comments on this blog to clarify anything about them.

KunJan on 16 Feb 2010, 08:37 PM
Been supporting RCB on twitter. don't miss out my BG too :)
Proud to be a Royal Challenger's Ambassador!
disha-shetty on 16 Feb 2010, 08:04 AM
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