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CLT20 Final : 26 september

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Updates from South Africa

Our first loss, our first away match coming up: here's what Coach Ray Jennings has to say...... read more

On the day of RCB's second IPL 5 Match, expectations are high... Here's what we need - a one-on-one with Coach Ray Jennings !.... read more

The first thing that strikes you about Coach Ray Jennings is his intensity, and with RCB’s first game of IPL 2012 just a few hours away that intensity is burning brighter than ever. I caught up with Coach to find out his preview of the game today. .... read more

With RCB all set to begin its 1pl 5 encounter it’s time for fans to bring out their jerseys, get the gold and red paints on and start practising their cheers, This time though we are sure to see a lot more style in the stands with the exciting and exclusive range of lifestyle and fan merchandise that RCB has brought to its fans! a swanky kiosk at the UB city is now the place to go for some quirky new stuff- all designed by Kunal Rawal -the line features a funky range of tees -with the players caricatures, a camouflage tee with RCB colours, as well as my personal fav the Chris Gayle bandana!.... read more


The IPL carnival is just around the corner and all the usual cliches apply, yes things are heating up, yes its going to be bigger, badder and better than ever before!.... read more

With over fifty tributes bookmarked, hundreds of tweets favourited and another hundred statuses liked, March 9th, 2012, has brought in enough 'Dravid fodder and scoop' for all Dravid fanatics like me..... read more

Disha Shetty , 10 Mar

So all the hype and hoopla surrounding the Indian Premiere League will come a halt (sort of..until the World Cup ends) with the auctions scheduled on January 8th and 9th..... read more

Disha Shetty , 23 Dec

After rooting for this team for three seasons, its time to ring in the New year with a new RCB team..... read more

Disha Shetty , 17 Nov

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CLT20 Standing

South Australian
4 4 0 8 +0.59
Royal Challengers
4 2 2 4 +0.76
Highveld Lions 4 2 2 4 +0.40
Mumbai Indians 4 2 2 4 +0.22
Guyana 4 0 4 0 -2.08

fan summit updates

The Royal Send Off, Sep 4th
The Royal Send Off was organized with a view to.... Read more
Website look and feel
Launched on the 6th of September, 2010 the site is designed keeping in mind...... Read more

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