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Sujansalian's Review On Airtel Champions League 2009
One thing RCB should realize is that they cannot afford to lose any of its initial matches. Now you would say no team goes to play, not wanting to win. But let’s face it- Our defeat against Cape Cobras cost us dearly. A win there would have meant additional points being carried to the next round. Now add two points extra to the RCB’s tally in second round, and the whole equation changes! Now, you might say it was just a one-off incident. No!!!...It’s not! Take IPL-1, take IPL-2 and now take CLT, RCB has not performed too well in the initial stages of the tournament. This was about the team as a whole. Now let us consider individual player’s performance. Praveen Kumar is lethal when he swings the ball and the ball swings more at the start of the innings. Hence Anil should complete Praveen’s quota at the start of the innings- 4 overs at the stretch, unless he takes a severe beating! During death overs Praveen’s pace is an ideal one for the batsmen to smash all over! With batting looking so strong, I am tempted to strengthen up the bowling a bit, maybe by playing Dale Steyn more often. Here the issue of 4 foreigners comes into picture. Ross has to play no matter what! Kallis is a must because of his all-round ability. Roelof Merwe is a must because of his superb bowling and ability to use the long handle to a good effect. Now the choice is between Boucher and Steyn. I am tempted to play Steyn, with Uthappa doing the wicket-keeping duty. I know it’s a tough decision, but really can’t help! And Manish Pandey is to be included in every game. He is a real bright prospect not just for RCB, but also for India! Jennings should decide who’s better between Vinay kumar, B. Akhil and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. I think Vinay and Akhil have got lot of opportunities and they haven’t impressed me a much! I think Jennings should really think about Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. Batting looks pretty organized and no need to change many things. Anil is doing a excellent job and let him continue to lead the team without much interference. All the best for IPL-3!

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