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thatguy's Review On Airtel Champions League 2009
I didn't know what to expect from the Champions League 2 weeks before it kicked off. A stray look into another man's newspaper at a traffic signal and the sight of the RCB symbol in it,got me going! The tournament was always going to be a big one and with RCB in it and ranked BIG,there was just no end to the excitement..not for me at least,having watched the "Indian" and "youth" section of the team being developed better than any other side I've seen. THIS HAD GLORY WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. And so the tournament kicked off..the cheerleaders were up and bouncing..the supporters were roaring..adrenaline emergencies began..RCB batted like champions. Unfortunately though,the end to that sequence had one name- Jean-Paul Duminy. Enough said. Bowling to left-handed batsmen has always been a problem for bowlers in India; especially to those who are looking for form. They invariably find it,and that first night was JP Duminy's night. Nevertheless,the way our players played that night,told me that we're not going down without a fight.RCB obliged. :) The word "comprehensive" was crafted for the way we won over the Otago Volts.But what followed that performance left everyone shocked.Being overpowered by Bushrangers- the way we were- wasn't completely unexpected..they always looked like champions on paper. The game against Daredevils was where I felt proud to be part of the RCB fan base a.k.a family.Despite being out of the championship,the team played as one unit and showed their emotions- EVERY BALL! If there was a "team-spirit" extension to the rules of the tournament -or any other tournament- RCB would've conquered it. Without a fraction of a doubt. Somewhere within the cauldron of defeat though,a few bubbles popped up. JACQUES KALLIS,ROSS TAYLOR,PRAVEEN KUMAR.If ever anyone forgets about the result of this tournament,it is thanks to these 3 gentlemen.They came out with the best they had and cemented the rest of the squad together through their invaluable contributions. Rosco earned a reputation that can only be second to Anil Kumble's! Kallis lived up to his name and Praveen Kumar showed his free-flowing,casual cricketing skills.And so did the others.But in the end,it just wasn't meant to be. Why,you ask? There's not much of an answer to that question.You could say "bad tracks",you can blame it on the weather conditions,you can say "poor captaincy" can even spark off something about a bad team bus.But to me,it was just a matter of lost opportunities and little unfortunate moments.The T20 game allows no space for a slow thought,and the RCB team had one too many of the dropped catches.But besides that,there isn't really much to ponder upon. It was just a matter of the opposition winning those little periods in the middle of the innings. THAT,made the difference. We didn't play bad cricket and there's absolutely no problem with any other technical aspect of the game.We were undone by destiny. The team still is the best and will be back fighting again and hopefully,this time,fortune will be on our side. "Fortune favors the brave."

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