Coach Ray Jennings
Coach Ray Jennings

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Precarious situation for 6 teams
With Mumbai certain to play in the semi finals, and Punjab out of the reckoning, the other 6 teams in the IPL are still all in contention for 3 of the other semi final spots. This is undoubtedly the closest ever IPL tournament and fans in India and across the world have been treated to some exceptional cricket.

The nature of the T20 format never really makes any particular side a favorite, and as we approach crunch time, the cricket is only going to get more exciting and tense.

We had a great win against Kolkata at home, which has given us some much needed momentum for our final 3 games, and every player in our squad is keen to seal our position in the semis, without worrying about other teams. I am keeping a close eye on our rivals; however, as long as RCB win 2 out of 3 games, we will find ourselves in the semi finals.

The Deccan Chargers have had a strong revival in this competition, and have come back from the brink of elimination, to stay afloat in the tournament. Their match against us tonight, is as good as a straight knock out game for them, and they will undoubtedly play out of their skins for a victory.

The Chargers are the defending champions after all, and a loss for them today will be a huge disappointment for their franchise. The Royal Challengers on the other hand have blown both hot and cold this season, but as long as we end up with the desired results, I will certainly not have too many complaints.

It’s amazing how a year seems like a lifetime in professional cricket, and no one has realized this fact more than Robin Uthappa. IPL 2009 was probably the worst tournament in his young career, but this year he is one of the top batsman in the IPL. Robin played an absolute blinder against Kolkata the other night, and if today happens to be his day, the Deccan Chargers may lose out on a chance to hold some silverware.

R Vinay Kumar deserves a specific mention as well, as he has come of age as a medium pacer, and the Indian selectors may well have made an inspired selection for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Every member of the Royal Challengers are geared up for a big effort tonight, as a win will eliminate the Chargers from the semi final race, and give us one foot in the door for a home semi final.

Ray Jennings is the former coach of the South African national team, and current head coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He was talking to Dhruv Mullick.
Latest Comments:

its certainly one among the saddest moment when RCB ruled out of the ipl 3,leaving millions hurt. everything was going smooth till the 15th when RCB gave it away. The bowling suddenly looked devastated on arrival of a cyborg called pollard.

The mistakes incurred according to me is:
1) Kumble should have left atleast one of his over for the last 3 anticipating arrival of Pollard and knowing the laters performance with the willow against medium pace bowlers.
2) RCB bowlers never tried bouncers or short pitched, even block hole deliveries( which mumbai did beautifully). the sloggish over pitched deliveries did it all.
3) Why we neglected a player like van der merwe throughout the session. kallis has been underperforming for several matches but we are carrying him due to the good work he has done in the initial stages.
4) Why the RCB batting collapsed under 150 for the straight consecutive 3rd or 4th time( since the lost against DC in league phase). they have lost 3 of their last 4 chases.
5) Manish, Ross being huge let down this session. Certainly Ross taylor failed to capitalize and deliver when we wanted him the most. he is no doubt one of the greats but his inability to play the extra full length ball and off side weakness is very obvious and MI appear to have had a real good foresight of this. zaheer and malinga din’t leave him any chance to hit a single big shot.KP had his moments.he did his bit but again his extra quick attitude to finish the game cost us many a times as well.

Manish willow was silent throughout the session. he carried huge expectations. Rahul played well, but i am really fuming to see him on a run out spree these days. being a huge RD fan i feel really disgusted to see him throwing away his wicket, a genuince no call does the trick. moreover i dont understand what was killing Ross to go the other end and take that risk. Had rahul been around the we would have made it to the finals with all smile.
6) Kumble and KP did wonderful job with the bowl. Vinay failed and failed big time today. steyn continued his so so performance. praveen kumar was one word pathetic out of the lot. kallis did nothing in this crucial game.
7) ofcourse RCB lost the home advantage but thats a mere excuse. the stage was set for a rocking win over Mumbai in their den but the saga ended on a bitter note.
i am still a never give up fan of RCB and will stand by the team. atleast we were fortunate to enter semis and can take some pride home. i am sure we will change the gear and will bounce back even stronger. cheers

Posted by shubh-mukherjee on 04/25  at  06:00 AM

Congratulations for semifinal berth.Hoping to see Dravid bat at no.3 he has scored 198 of 149 balls he has faced in this IPL at an average of almost 25 and strike rate of 140,send KP next at 4.Hope to see RCB win.

Posted by Wall007 on 04/21  at  04:32 AM

Please make Kallis to sit out and play whit instead Him.give parttime bowlers an over to bowl now and then.Make Kohli to open with pandey.

Posted by Akshay-Balgi on 04/19  at  09:33 PM

Dear Ray,

Please drop Kallis and pick white!!! And why arent we using any part time bowlers??? Almost all teams have atleast 6-7 bowlers and we are using just 5 in spite getting smashed!! I think white and pietersen must be utilised in the bowling dept.. White is a great leg spinner..

Posted by Ajay-Gnanamuthu on 04/19  at  10:59 AM

so 2day agains mi my 11 should be
    1) kallis
    2) pandey
    3) kp
    4) white
    5) robin (wk)
    6) tayor
    7) kohli
    8) vinay
    9) praveen
    10) pankaj
    11) kumble (c)

Posted by papps555 on 04/17  at  10:42 PM

we can experiment 2 day with 4 non-Indian players kallis, kp, taylor and white. and rest styen and dravid. and play praveen and pankaj both.
    bcz we need 2 pick 1 from pankaj and praveen for semi-final.we pick him by d performance of 2 day in d bangalore pitch. and d same for d 2 non-Indian batsman.. watch those 3 taylor, kp and white who is in good we need to pick 2 of them 4 semis.

Posted by papps555 on 04/17  at  10:36 PM

2day against mi play freely and make sure we dont lose d match by very big margin and we r in semis. target 150 thats enough. and restrict them in 180.

Posted by papps555 on 04/17  at  10:26 PM

great to hear rcb in semis….but the the path to finals is difficult against dd or csk???

Posted by ARUNBT on 04/17  at  02:11 AM

Coach RJ…one tip to win IPL 2010…...- whenevr RCB goes to bat pls. ask Vinay kumar to pad up at first & sit in the dug out as we have seen that whenevr he does that RCB wins - 99%....LUCKY TIP ...DONT IGNORE

Posted by loki2517 on 04/16  at  11:10 PM

congrats….....rcb fans…......we r in d semies…....)

Posted by papps555 on 04/15  at  10:51 PM

respected sir, great performance, i think you are close winning ipl3

Posted by Vidhyasagar.indrajeet.-Kudchi on 04/15  at  08:28 PM

Woah…that was some performance by KP. The killer instincts was well etched on the ground of sawai man singh stadium today. This is the KP we thrive to see. Well done boy. you lived up to your name today to escort us to a win bettering the NRR for RCB.

the credit goes to RCB bowlers who are doing tremendous job over last few matches, one thing is very clear had RR had another 20-30 odd runs behind them to defend, the result could have gone either ways given the way RCB is crumbling since last matches.

we have everything going great. a fearsome steyn, an intelligent kumble, a charged up vinay and a surprize package Pankaj today. i keep kallis out of this league due to his lack of consistency, but he did fair by mixing those leg pitched bouncers to Yusuf.  we are getting good start, and putting anchor to the early blows, if any.

the agony lies with the middle order. What exactly is wrong with Virat. he is a great player with unique temperament. its time for him to get over his adolescence and emerge as a player who stays till the end. adding up 10 -20 runs and throwing your wicket away is not the solution.

chasing 131 why does BRC looses 5 wickets and finally we have the last batting duo ( Rahul and Ross) escorting us to the win. let me remind we have tail enders after them ( there is what my concern is).

RCB showed signs of fits chasing modest totals since last two matches. which might have gone unnoticed due to the win we got today. but RCB management and ray need to discuss this out with the players.

KP outplayed the RR today and did it in style. Though he ended up with a well planned suicide when he did an absolute nonsense by running out as if that was the last ball of the innings and he had to run. the most strange aspect is he was running despite kohli opposing it from the very begining, he wanted kohli to step himself out. the idea was not clear to me.  But he is star tonight and KP gaining the form would certainly give other teams a little shivers.

finally am all singing my heart out to this RCB win. Its party, we are almost in Semis…would love to see RCB crushing MI like they did in the last match and going into semis with a bang.

wish you all luck…fear none…you are an unstoppable force to reckon with….blow off the MI on 17th….cheers….

Posted by shubh-mukherjee on 04/15  at  10:01 AM

Nachike agudilva? one of the strongest teams! but…...

Posted by sahan-nischal on 04/15  at  05:23 AM

The batting unit looks solid. Well the same cant be said about the line up!
1. Pandey not delivering..he looks totally out of sort and is barely able to touch a ball!
2. Kallis is still as solid as ever but needs an aggressive partner to take the team forward.
  I suggest we bring back White as the opener..he can get really aggressive..he has no use playing down at no.5 or 6 as he needs a few balls to get in.
3.Dravid looks good at no.3 and the rest of the team should be utilized according to the situation.
4.We might be slow and cautious starters but that need not necessarily mean we need to score below run a ball..Kallis should remember this!

Our bowling is pretty good
1.But should we not give an opportunity to Abhimanyu Mithun..he seems to be a steamy young bowler who can trouble the Indian opposition batsmen with short deliveries.
2.Appanna has been bowling well consistently and I feel he can replace Praveen Kumar or Vinay kumar on a turning wicket since they are being taken for quite a few runs on such tracks.

I know it is difficult to make a large number of changes to such a good outfit but I feel this might help bring out the best in the players who are given an opportunity to prove themselves and also the players who are dropped for they will see that they too need to deliver or their place in the side is at risk.

Posted by BaidBoy on 04/15  at  02:20 AM

simply read…... listen…...&...understand d facts that it is our quarter final against RR 2day. if we win 2day we r in d semis(no matter if we lost against mumbai, we still go through).
      bcz if we win we hve 14 pts and rr cant go over 14 and only 2 go out of three among delhi chennai and dc bcz there r 2 matches between delhi v/s chennai and dc v/s delhi.
and among 5 teams we hve d best run rate guys.
so plz win 2 day and we will go through

Posted by papps555 on 04/14  at  10:48 PM

hey rcb fans u seams so disappointed…......yes u should d not so smart batting.

Posted by papps555 on 04/14  at  10:40 PM

I think we need to give our RCB team members the best possible support at this point. Criticism will not help. Here is what I believe is going for them at the moment:

1. Pandey / Taylor / White due for a score: Pandey was in good nick at the beginning of the tournament and played a few very good innings. He is certainly not out of form and just got some unplayable deliveries in the past couple of games. He will surely come good in the coming games. Taylor hasn’t really contributed, but he is a big match player. As the going gets tough, he will surely get going. White has got a few opportunities, and should be used to his position now. I have full faith in this Aussie, who is a regular member of the Aussie ODI and T20 teams.

2. Home game against Mumbai: We are going to be playing Mumbai at our home ground in Bangalore. The crowd support, as well as just the excitement of playing at home have spurred many home teams turn in extra-ordinary performances. We can count on our team to deliver the goods.

3. Steyn, Kumble in good form: With both of these superstars bowling really well, the bowling looks settled with Praveen Kumar providing excellent support. Vinay Kumar has been a bit expensive, and we can consider giving Mithun a game in his place. Appanna has been economical too, and it might be a good idea to include him even at the expense of one batsman.

4. The resilience ability of RCB: Last year, RCB was in a worse position and they recovered superbly to make the final. We are in a much better position now, and even if we win one of the last two games, we have a very good chance of making the semi-finals on better NRR should it get down to that. They just need to make sure that they don’t lose by a large margin.

Posted by Krishna-K on 04/14  at  09:38 PM




Posted by bangaloreboy1 on 04/14  at  11:19 AM

All I can say dear sir, is your obsession with kallis is killing the team.. Even if you feel he is a good player, atleast for once have the courage to see what happens if you keeping out.. I hope for the teams sake, you do it…Even if you think kallis is a great player, please rest him once.. great players should be rested once in a while…

Posted by bangaloreboy1 on 04/14  at  11:15 AM

As a RCB fan ,I want an answer from Ray Jennings why the big RCB batting line committed HARAKIRI &  up fell like a pack of cards.

Posted by naku on 04/14  at  09:56 AM

Dear Ray,

i was in Bangalore last Saturday and witnessed the high octane match. the red jersey clad players did full justice to the passionate fans with a gusty win.

but we are left disappointed after yesterday’s show.

RCB gave away a sitter to DC yesterday. Such a great chance to seal the semis and we blew it all.who gives you 152 target in an high octane IPL match ....the bowlers did their bit (though kallis gave away 40 runs- he has been thoroughly inconsistent in the bowling dept and gives away quite some run) to restrict DC @ 151. however, one expected RCB to tighten their grip on DC after steyn gave us those magic figures. However, DC regain their control and gave us something to fight back.

I was so damn confident when RCB took the ground. It was awesome to witness an instrumental Dravid in total control and whipping DC bowlers( he spared none) and a dragging kallis who did nothing of his caliber and managed few singles to add on the one sided partnership.Rahul Dravid showed us over last two matches he is way above and a better choice than Kallis on the top slot. The wall delivers well yesterday (certainly a lone battle) almost 80-1 in roughly 10 overs. Suddenly the big RCB batting line up fell like a pack of cards.

Firstly being a die hard fan or RD i do not expect him to play such a cheap shot. he neither hammered it hard ( it was not even a proper half volley) and throw away his wicket at 49. he certainly did his part at 35 ball 49 cameo perfecto.

then what happened was unexpectedly shocking. the big guns of RCB - just look at the names- Manish pandey, Kallis, Ross taylor, White, Kohli collaboratively added roughly 40 odd runs. utthapa tried his best but he is no god to win us every time. he too fell cheaply attempting a six. he should also try hitting elsewhere around. dale steyn - you did great with the bowling..we know you are the same guy who hammered 3 sixes in a recent match against India. how can he play such a rubbish shot. vinay, kumble, appana need to understand the tail enders need to carry off slam bang cricket at times.  if you can not play cricketing shots. step out, throw you bat on the ball with a full volley. come on, it was frustrating to see RCB being so submissive in the last 10 overs.

we are the digger of our own grave. This means RCB has to win the rest two ( vs Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians) to qualify semis. which could have been different had we won the match yesterday.

kumble and boys put your thinking cap on…lot to be done before you take on the field in jaipur.

being a RCB and RD fan….i will cheer my heart out for you;..i am confident like all RCB fans to carry off the next two games with ease to seal the semi ....all the best…the red jerseys and flags will fly tomorrow…bring home a win against the RR tomorrow…Go RCB go

Posted by shubh-mukherjee on 04/14  at  06:54 AM

First up thank you for bringing back Dravid at no.3.I think bringing cameron white a little early after the fall of second wicket will be amazing especially because of his attacking batting after getting set,followed by robbie and ross.The rest of the combination is good for RCB.I prefer the same group of foreign players and if wanted to change combination bring roelof van de merwe he will be difficult bowler to hit in end overs.

Posted by Wall007 on 04/14  at  04:24 AM

Very bad performance…
1.Kohli, White, Pandey & Taylor did not play responsible innings.
The Pitch played well thru out 40 overs.
2.Robin shud win these tough matches if he wants to showcase himself for the International level.Robin’s wicket was due to Bad shot selection, did not read the bowler and bowling action.
3.I also blame captain Jumbo on Team selection, field setting and bowling changes.
4.I have never seen saving single in first innings in the last 2 to 3 overs which our Jumbo did in the match against DC.
5.Drop catches which was costly by Taylor and Kumble.
Gibbs made more than 10 runs after dropped by Taylor and Harris made more than 10 runs after dropped by Kumble.
6.Appanna lack match experience, did not bowl up to the mark…..
Also his running between the wickets was like a cat walk in the ramp…

Postive result of the match was that Steyn bowled well and Dravid batted well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still have a change to make it to Semis, if we win both of our coming matches against RR and MI.
Mr.Jumbo plz take proper playing XI for the coming 2 matches.
Drop White and take Peitersen, KP is better batsmen than White any day and KP can bowl 1 or 2 overs here and there…..
All the very best of Luck!!!! Plz perform well, have game plans, target each players in the opposition,play strong mind games….
Do not dissappoint us plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing RCB to reach Semis….............................

Posted by SIDVINAY on 04/13  at  11:01 PM

We have lost the plot. Curtains for RCB in IPL 2010. I am a supporter of Kallis but he missed the plot yesterday. Rahul played a good innings and so did Robin. Poor bowlers , they bowled well on that wicket but a dissimal performance by our batsmen. I think we will end up on 5th or the 6th place. Lets start giving our inputs to Mr,Mallya for the auction that is coming up in September. I am not sure whether Kumble will play the next season. So they need a replacemnt or a substitute(if kumble chooses to play, as warne and Jayasurya are 40 and still playing. I think he should). We need to look for two quality left hand batsmen in the top, two allrounders, a offspinner and two left arm pacer. Pick shahid afridi as he is the only replacement for kumble I can think of. Mr.Mallya please plan really well for the upcoming auction. We are done for this season.You can focus on F1.

Posted by RCFANATIC on 04/13  at  10:45 PM

Well done to Steyn superb bowling.
Is Kallis tired?
RCB have to win their next two matches - the only game I am worried about is against the Mumbai Indians. I am praying that RCB win and that we go through to the semi finals.
Please do us proud.

Posted by Ollie on 04/13  at  10:20 PM

Hey guys… during the matches we won initially… kallis did anchor and play well right? He has helped the team to attain the present situation which is quite ok compared to the rest. In yesterday’s matche, kohli, white… were trying to hit blindly.. instead they should have taken 2’s and 4’s… Ross and Manday dint not play their regular innings. We need to blame the middle order collapse and not kallis.
I feel either rahul or kallis should anchor through out the innings and and make sure the batsmen on the other side dont go for big hits… all time!! Having 2 reckless batsmen both sides… each one wanting to go for shots.. caused us the game. Balling was great!

Posted by Angel1 on 04/13  at  10:02 PM

we r not getting a right t20 start???
plz god help rcb!!
& v rcb fans can only pray that other teams dont fair well
very bad indeed!!!!

Posted by srishti-gajare on 04/13  at  09:51 PM

Its Very disappointed for RCB fans-
I think Not for Players-Coach-Management.
Kallis is the main culprit and Rossy-Kohli-White-Manish not playing their responsible innings.
We-done Steyn.
Robin again u r proving u r not a match winner in Crucial stage.(Ex:Last Year Final & now)
Its Very hurting to watch when RCB losses the match in crucial stage..

Posted by Nanju-Kumar on 04/13  at  08:38 PM

No entry to semis for rcb grin:. Well done kallis please dont give your orange cap to anyone:-). You had broke bangaloreans heart man:-). Please get out of the tournament now only

Posted by bharathgowda on 04/13  at  07:00 PM

Kallis should take a break from the coming match..let him relax….
RCB didnt took the chance once thy ripped of the top order of Deccan, gave runs and the disaster was the batting…not scored runs after power play which led to starvation for runs after 11th over….in this condition kohli & white absolutely threw away there wicket to fetch the run starvation….
well done styen… Vinay & styen shud finish there spell within 12 overs…. all the best for the coming matches…

Posted by Pradeep-Mallikarjunaiaih on 04/13  at  10:30 AM

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