If one were to follow all the sporting fanatics all around the world they have 2 identities: First the National identity and Second a Local !!!
National identity is unmistakable and the ebb and desire flows when the national team plays.
Local identity has many colors to it. It may stem from where you are born, to which place you identify yourself with, to a place where your sporting hero hails from and to many more instances which, may be, any sporting science cannot reveal.
My Local identity has been firmly in place with RCB since the day IPL began. I actually think it began much before. From the very time I started understanding how a domestic structure plays a key role to bring out cream of the Talent, I have followed my domestic team with passion, fervor and enthusiasm.
It just reached a new level when My Club - Our Club RCB took wings. The passion I have with RCB stems from a lot of things which words may not do justice but to name a few my following of cricket at domestic level with Karnataka, the place Bangalore, my favorite player Rahul Dravid and many more.
I had applied FFC1 and was on the featured list but sadly couldn't make it to the final list. My application:

But the passion was for the RCB which refused to die down and I was selected as Fanatic Fan on basis of my review of Champions League.
Here is a list of my contribution through this site towards showing off my RCBiness :
1. My journey from a Fantatic Fan to a more Fanatic one was given a kick start through this article:
http://www.royalchallengers.com/acl-review/Aak - ACL Review
2. I followed all the RCB stars make their mark through the off-season with a series of articles:

3. Was selected to watch the CL finals in Hyderabad and showed off my passion for RCB there too even though we werent in the finals by donning the RCB jersey:

4. Then came a dedication to all the RCB fans with launch of an iPhone App which was achieved with the help my friends at geniusport and effort put in during weekends:

This one particularly was my favorite one as I had to put in undivided attention and show my real passion to help develop an App which was finally downloaded by close to 2500 fans across the globe.

5. Then came Mighty-14 and I was privileged to be amongst fellow RCB fans to watch the match at Chinnaswamy as RCB cruised a superb victory.

Come-what-may my Passion for OUR CLUB - OUR RCB will remain forever and ever.