My Contributions

Get your eye in, First Few Overs of a One Day Match - Members Get Members was a ideal way to get started in the RCB. I referred many friends and relatives who always supported RCB ( but never knew that there a RCB website which provided them ways to cheer the IPL team, make friends and contribute seriously.

Make a impact, Powerplay - IPL III was over and like many i was still very much part of the websites because of constant fan engagement. I participated in all 3 IPL Review Phases, won myself 1st Prize in the II Phase review ( and 1st runner up as a consistent writer ( I earned lot of friends during this time and slowly began to assert myself into the vast ocean of RCB.

I also suggested to give away certificates for the winners which was accepted, that was a great give away and i showed them off to many more people who in turn logged into RCB site.

Build an innings, Crucial Middle Overs - Time when things slow down in a ODI cricket match but not here @ RCB. Fan Summit was announced and i was excited as everyone. I decided to give ideas on Design and Engagement category, gave new design suggestions, wrote commentary ( On the big day i met with all the brilliant RCB fans, shared a lot of things and really enjoyed a worthy gift "Anil Kumbles Wide Angle". Being a Idea Champion is one of the best ways my friends and fellow RCBians recognize me and i feel very happy and thank RCB for that (

I felt like scoring a half century when i was awarded the Fanatic fan status -

In the middle overs its important to run hard and as cricket is a team game, we need to run hard when your partner plays a shot too. I felt the same when i participated in Design a Contest, it was a unique opportunity for me to delve into wiki's, form questions, see how other people react. I designed 3 contests, announced winners. This is where i saw a lot of young new people trying these contests, i encouraged and helped them get through the contests (

I also contributed by writing blogs that were related to cricket and about RCB.
Cricket -

Hit over the rope, Death overs of my 1st ODI for RCB : Yeah a lot of research needs to be done before the match , this will help you determine which bowler to target, pick spots to hit boundaries. I did just that by doing research on 6 CLT20 teams (

This was my first FFC, it was a great learning experience, participating in the most sought out contests helped me learn a lot.

Well the best thing you can do in a ODI is to play a winning innings or take crucial wickets, i hope my contribution of 101 gifts as part of the royal send off is just one of the many gifts that will help RCB play at there best (

Well that was just my first match for RCB, there are many more matches i need to play for them. I will obviously continue doing all the great things to improve RCB, encourage the team and on the way participate and interact with fellow RCBians.

A True RCB Fan,
Sachin Kodagali