I've been appointed as Fan Ambassador for RCB...

I've been conducting Meet ups for Fans in Bangalore even before I was appointed as fan ambassador because of my passion towards RCB & cricket & now I've have done two meet ups already. For reference for the same..

I write Blogs for RCB,

I make sure that in the meet up we get more number of fans each time & get more support for RCB from Home & participate actively in RCB contests, blogs & Threads. And in regurlar touch with the Fans who attend meet up & also CM's to plan the next meet ups.
Helped the CM's during the FFC3 auditions.
And also have been constantly updating RCB fan page & twitter for RCB. And also have created a fan page on FB as I Bleed Red & Gold - I'm a RCB Fan

Which impressed all the CM's & made me the Fanatic Fan here..
It's upto you all to help me to Win this Contest :) Thank you all :)