i have posted my posts as Aruna desai and lotuspetals...I try to make people engage in writing comments- its way people to express themselves..Negative or positive.. more people visit this site and more people become the fans and fanatic fans to RCB is my idea..

Its very necessary to express one self about any work on the site...!
I have written about 70 posts in discussion forum with name of Aruna Desai and 48 posts in name of lotuspetals..
I was invited at Mumbai as part of mighty 14..and attended summit 2010 at Banglore.I take part in the stuff on the site with no intention to win by "hook or crook".

I also appllied for the post of chief blogger last season...!

It was happy moment for me to meet radiosandeep and all the people connected with RCB-it was great opportunity to meet them all -as they are lovely people..

I am just in love with RCB..!

Sid Malya is best happening to this site and RCB fans..I wish that RCB would get 1lac fifty thousand fans ...!

If I win its fine but i will equally be happy if others visit Durban as I love all on this site..!

I wont write much about me so much as I alredy have my profile on this site..

Its my family..anyways...I repect your open views..have nice stay on this site..!