I am in love with cricket and have been watching and playing cricket ever since my dad got me a wonderful kashmir willow bat when I was 7 years. Some notable cricketing highs in my life have been:

1. Winning the Idea Champion title for the Go-Green category.

2. Presenting my Idea to the entire fan club and fans and the interaction that followed helped me gain more confidence in myself and my faith in RCB!!!

3. Happy to see Go-green initiative being implemented by RCB in the website!!

4. Trained under Venkatesh Prasad while playing with Bangalore Cricketers club.
5. When Anil Kumble bowled in the same nets. It was a great experience way back in 1994.
6. Watching the Ind-Pak QF at Chinnaswamy in 1996 alone. Pak was visiting us the first time since the tension between the two had increased.
7. Winning the Fanatic Fan status.

Hope to add more cricketing moments to this list.

Always play the role of moderating discussions on the website.

http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-summit (Player's Birthday calendar)