A contest that is exclusive to Fanatic Fans, A contest that gifts all the genuine loyal fans a great present, A contest that would give a 19 year student like me an opportunity to experience the flight and step out of country for the first time. Its the only Discover Durban, first of its kind initiated by RCB to appreciate the contributions of its loyal fans.

Its very rare that a 19 year old can get rights to blog on a professional site like RCB. And I really thank Nidhi and Natasha for giving this opportunity. And I am very happy that I have kept the standard in my Blogs and work.

I have put my hands on almost all the contests and all the posts that have been posted in this period of 6 months. As the rules say, I am supposed to explain about my role on RCB site since 1st march.

So here my RCB timeline.
The environment during that IPL season on our RCB was over whelming. Few things that I could recollect on home page were.

Live Scores on the right Box (Faster than all sources :) )
MIGHTY 14 contest (I did apply but dint make it)
Ramya's and Ray jenning's blogs.
Awesome blogs, Photos and Podcasts from our Chiefs FFs.
Buzzing and healthy Discussion forum
Predict to win contest
Our traditional MGM (and its chaos)
and a Blogging contest (Through which I was introduced as fanatic Fan to the community)

Blog title : We have 8 lucky winners for the blogging contest!
Author : Anisha
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/we-have-9-lucky-winners-for-the-blogging-contest

I met Sandeep and Ashish who gave me tickets to match and started my innings here on the site.

Later I was granted rights to update Facebook and twitter updates. (Not gonna speak much about it as the rules say only about RCB site)

This was my first blog on the site.
Blog title : How RCB made it to semis. The flashback of IPL 2010
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-club/how-rcb-made-it-to-semis.-the-flashback-of-ipl-2010/

Which was followed by this.
Blog title : RCB vs MI (Head to Head)
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-club/rcb-vs-mi-head-to-head/

Though I was new to the field of writing I did get really good response and started enjoying my job as a Blogger.

I have organized some small contests like this which has got good response from fans.
Blog Title : Guess this RCBian..
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-club/guess-this-rcbian..-rakesh_katti/

We ended 3rd in IPL.
IPL awards,
RCB fan Awards.

Then came in IPL Review Contest.
I stood as a runner up in the first phase of the contest.

Blog Title : IPL Review 2010 Phase 1 results
Author : Anisha
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/ipl-review-2010-phase-1-results

My name was also mentioned under TOP PERFORMERS LIST of this contest.
Blog Title : After long pause, Consistent Writer Announced!
Author : Nidhi
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/consistent-writer-winner

Then came the most prestigious RCB FAN SUMMIT. I put in some great efforts to send an idea under Offline Meetups. But couldn't make it. But am proud that I was one among the 30 invitees.

Blog Title : The 30 invitees at the event
Author : Natasha
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/the-30-invitees-at-the-event

I wrote 3 huge blogs for Know thy opponents contest.
Here are they on the right box.

Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/champions-league-2010-schedule

Then came in the "Design a Contest".

I implemented the DIGIT magazine way of puzzle in the first question of mine. And this one is still unsolved. I mean no one could score out on out in this. :) You can give it a try even now.

Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan-club/rcb-fans-champions-league.-heres-the-1st-ball.-are-you-ready-to-face/

Here goes few more questions of my contest..


Here goes the results and feedback of my contest.

I did win a one week CM experience for this hard work of framing such a Big contest.

Blog Title : Design a contest : Winner
Author : Natasha
Link : http://www.royalchallengers.com/blog/design-a-contest-winner

Later came the FFC3. I put in all my efforts in it. But failed. I was happy when I was invited to FFC3 for updating on the stuffs going around there.

And now its Royal send off and Discover Durban.

As I'm very much interested in Offline meet ups. I have written some blogs on it. Here are the links.


And even a blog that I wrote regarding Leh and Ladakh meet up.

I have written feedback to RCB community when something goes wrong. Here's a discussion forum I created.


As I have said before I have put my hands on almost all the posts and contests held in this interval of 1st march and 24th August. :)

Game For Life.