As you all expect, being a FF is like fiction. My fanaticism to RCB is preferred over my choice for watching a movie or TV, reading books or playing board games. It doesn't matter how much I may have enjoyed reading a book, watching a movie or playing a board game, but I still go running to the newest fantasy offering RCB makes every season.

On a lighter side, I have some credentials with RCB which I feel I need to add it to my professional profile sometimes. in brief, here we go...
IPL 2 - Winner of King Club contest, blessed to watch the finals at New Wanderers, SA
CLT20-India - FFC 1 - finalist
IPL 3 - Winner mighty 14
RC Fan Summit - Idea Champion - Loyalty Program

1st March - 24th August....well, I started this seasons journey with my entry "MY WIFE PROUDLY SAYS, I AM RCB FANATIC, YEZZ...I BLEED RED N GOLD, I AM RCB+" for mighty 14 of Bangalore in IPL3. The application caught the eyes of the moderators and was a featured application too and went on to be a winner of the most dynamic Mighty 14 group.
The mighty 14 meet up at ITC Gardenia was a day to all the 14 winners to remember for life time.

I am proud that my slogan "I Bleed Red & Gold" went on to become a community on Facebook!/thercbrigade?ref=ts driven by my fellow fanatic fan Allen Abhishek.

To the best of my knowledge, RCB hosted first of its kind Fan Summit for its royally loyal fans. I was one of the finalist for the Loyalty Program category. My contribution in Loyalty Program category won me the "IDEA CHAMPION" award I am holding my breath for the launch of this program in our club.

Last but not the least is the gift of motivation,
I wake up Red, I Sleep in Gold,
My Sight is Red, my Might is Gold,
RCB, My first luv,
Com'on RED N GOLD.