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Have u seen the Royal Challengers Bangalore Fanatic Fans Challenge is back video? The video that was featured on the blog when the Fanatic Fans challenge 2 was announced? how did you all like it? I found it interesting. Memories from the day when I got a chance to get closer to my dream of being among cricketers, and RCB is only made of good cricketers, They have cricketing legends in the side! Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Jaques Kallis.. phew! I created the "What is Royal Challengers Bangalore Fanatic Fans Challenge" video! And this is the one I'm hoping that will take me closer to my dream of being with the team! This video is my first on the internet and I'm glad it's for the community. And Now, for myself as RCB's prospective Videographer! How? and why did Nidhi want me to make it? I was constantly in touch with her on twitter wanting to do something other than being active, moderating the forum and reporting bugs! I wanted to help my community become the best in IPL! Thank you Nidhi for that, atleast I'm proud of what turned out to be the final piece! I missed being the chief fan during ACLT20 FFC. Yes, I was in the final 27. BUT.. I was tense, I was Nervous, and I cracked open.. like a 'nut'.. The very term i used to describe Reolf VD Merwe. Reason Why? I call him the NUT on the side, But did you know Peanuts are ingredients of a dynamite? I had dreams about how I was going to impress Ray Jennings this time around. Video interviews with the players was one of them. Podcasting with the blogger and the photographer was another! Believe me, It was a dream! I thought I had cracked it this time, Both Ray and Anil would be mighty impressed. But then, sometimes dreams turn out to be a reality. FFC 2 now features different positions as a videographer and a podcaster. I had to make a choice, and Since the FFC video is the best sample I have at this point in time.. It's video graphing, a new found skill for RCB Why Should you vote for me? I have been a regular at, Proved to be a valuable fan and have been an active part of many other initiatives at RCB. If Video graphic skills are the question, I think I have enough ability to hold the camera (A digital camera or a Mobile camera works best) and ask witty questions. As a fellow fan, I know what the fans want. Vote for me, and believe me, you are in for a lot of entertainment!


Nimmala Naveen Reddy

all d best buddy. i also need ur vote to become chief blogger.

262 week(s) ago


Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote and references for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

262 week(s) ago

You should make it to the finals just for your love for RCB that is SO evident. all the best!

263 week(s) ago

Raghu Nath

Hey Kunal,what a pleasant surprise your application and video turned out to be. Honestly, I thought you were a fanatic fan who thinks non-stp about RCB. I then thought you wanted to apply for blogger because the fanatic fan isn't open. Finally, I think you've found what your passion is - Videographer is what yu are and what you will become. Kunal has undoubtedly been one of the most sincere, passionate fanatic fans I have come across in the last 5 months. While most other 'Last 27' "also rans" of FFC1 disappeared Kunal has been there all the time. He has shared his joys and frustratins right through, lent his shoulder for others to lean on and demonstrated a super positive attitude to keep the fan club alive. His belief "learning to share, sharing to learn" shows him as a wonderful human being at such a young age. Way to go Kunal. YOU ARE MY MAN FOR THIS JOB

263 week(s) ago


Love the enthusiasm, and enjoyed the presentation. For the feel of a fanatic fan that seeps in from your application alone, my vote's in for you. All the best Kunal.

263 week(s) ago


Kunal is jus amazing....!! Gud luk buddy.. i kno u can do it.. :)

263 week(s) ago

Aakash Deshpande

Dude nice to know the video is made by you !!! Kunal is as fanatic a fan can get :-) Buddy hope you make it all the way this time :)

263 week(s) ago

Disha Shetty

Kunal is one of the very few FF's who has really lived upto his fanatic fan status by keeping the RCB discussion forums alive and kicking. Hope you crack it well this time 'nut' :) Goodluck!

263 week(s) ago