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I feel I should be RC's Chief Blogger for a number of reasons; Mainly, I'm a person who is in love with the game of cricket and am aspiring to be a journalist one day. I follow cricket very closely and write my opinions and thoughts. I love analyzing every minute of the contest and try to read as much about the game to know the history and traditions. One of my idols is Indian Journalist Harsha Bhogle and it is my dream (more like a vision) that one day I'd be just like him. Add to all this qualifications as a cricket buff, I am a reckless RC supporter. I live, breathe and eat cricket and dream of RCB winning the IPL. I outlined my reasons as a huge cricket buff and a RC fan, and here's a little about my writing. One of passions is writing (just like watching cricket) and my blog was named as the best cricket blog by World Cricket Watchers. Also one of my blog articles was featured in the IPL website. Added to this I blog at RCB. These are a few of the reasons why I feel I should be the chief blogger, and I hope you do too.....

Behind every victory there is a strategy; A very good and successful strategy. My strategy is very simple and basic. It's basically play good aggressive cricket. General Strategy - Bat well, field well and bowl well... Batting Strategy - I will want the openers to go on all cylinders in the first six overs making the most of the powerplay, just like Hayden does for CSK. 60 runs or more in this period will be gold! I will want the openers to bat without fear and even if a wicket or two is lost in the initial slog, it will be compensated later by the strong middle order. 7 - 13 overs is the period in which momentum drastically changes in most of the T20 matches. The batsmen must score runs quickly but not lose wickets at this stage, as a well set batsman will be needed for the final slog. The last six overs is about blasting off and sending the white ball to the moon. RCB's batting is extremely strong and explosive and a score of 160 is easily attainable by this team on flat Indian wickets. Run aggressively and try to convert the singles and doubles into doubles and triples. Bowling Strategy - T20 is not all about containing the batsman. It's also about taking wickets. What better way to curtail the run rate than taking wickets? The new ball bowlers must look to create early inroads and push the opposition onto the back foot. The spinners and the 5th bowling option must then try to keep or gain the momentum that may have been won or lost in the early part of the game. Bowling in combinations and maintaining pressure must be the emphasis. Consistent good line and good length will restrict the run flow and result in wickets. Fielding Strategy - Be alert and try to take the half chances. Save runs and hold the catches that come your way and help the bowlers build the pressure. Also keep each other motivated on the field. Strategies are just mere plans that are made, and won't result in anything unless the execution on the field is right. Sometimes, it is essential to surprise and bring in the x factor like Kumble did by opening the bowling in the IPL finals and snaring Gilchrist. This is my strategy... Here's wishing RCB all the best for the IPL.....


Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote and references for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

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gud luk poshin....!!

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He's namma paiyan and a huge IPL - RCB fan.. Wish him all the luck with his prospective Chief Bloggers post!

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