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I'm a Royals fanatic fan. One of my favorite memories as a kid is of attending a World Cup cricket game in Delhi with my dad. It was so exciting to see so many fans from all over the world gather in the stadium to cheer passionately for their favorite team and players. The passionate cricket fan spectrum ranges from the flag wielding, face painted hard core easily as excited as he is angered fan, to the kids with hot dogs happy to see their idols playing around in person, to the older fans crying at the loss of their country’s team. I’ve attended many cricket games and nothing can hold a torch to the feeling in that stadium on that day. Cricket has always held my attention than any other sport in India, but I now have the chance to make it more exciting during the IPL. Being in Bangalore which is the city that represents RCB, my favourite IPL team, I can give a nudge to my both blogging profession and cricketing passion by signing in this application for RCB Chief Blogger job.

Alright folks, it’s time. Time for me to write a strategy that will make Royals Challengers win IPL 2010. But before I do… I wanted to confess that it’s definitely a hard task to write. All teams are so good… but when in doubt, always go with the team who has the better chances of winning and in this case it’s the Royals Challengers Bangalore. I'm picking the RCB to win IPL2010. Usually we don’t see high scoring IPL games, but I think this year will be different. I see all teams attacking early on and building a competitive total in the end.. Don’t be surprised if we see high scoring games during the IPL. I like the RCB not just because they have the better players but because they have experience. Above all, Royals have that fire in the belly which makes for Royals Challengers. Winning a match here and there can’t make you a champion, but it’s the strategists who will ultimately take home the trophy. If we observe the RCB team right from the auction time, their campaign has been true to their game plan. This team has to play under pressure that’s why they’re preparing to build a solid and dependable team. I can see the Royal Challengers marching down the field, just eating up clock and showing up some great show. How do you see the Royal Challengers Bangalore playing out? Post a comment and let me know.


heya!! i knw u cn do wonders:) so m votin fo u.. al d vry best..:)

262 week(s) ago


Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote and references for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

262 week(s) ago

Tathagat Roy

Varinder must be the official blogger of RCB because he is passionate about cricket, especially IPL and RCB.I want him to win this contest because I'm sure he can add value to RCB as their chief blogger. Cheers and good luck

262 week(s) ago


i refer varindar because i am in contact with him on facebook and impressed by his passionate love towards RCB.

262 week(s) ago

Yogendra Oza

I know Varinder since the IPL 1 as we were room partners in Surat. He was always saying that he is a fan of Vijay Mallya sir as well the wall of Indian team Rahul Dravid and the great spin bowler of Indian cricket history, Anil Kumble. When the team announced he was the fan from the day one. Later he got a chance to move Bengalore and he was saying me that he joined RCB fan community over there. He is the die hard fan of RCB cricket team and therefore I am referring him for this contents.

264 week(s) ago

J Sloan

I am definitely voting for Varinder... He is a big time Cricket Fan... since childhood he has been crazy for this sport. I am sure if the RBC team takes this DieHardFan "Varinder" as their official blogger...he will be a great "team player"!!

264 week(s) ago


i am voting fr Varinder...who is a gr8 fan of Royal Challengers...I think he has gr8 passion fr ths sport...and ths is a gr8 way of exhibiting it...

264 week(s) ago

Anchal Tailor

I am definitely voting for Varinder... He is a big time Cricket Fan... since childhood actually. I am sure if the RBC team takes this DieHardFan "Varinder" as their official blogger... it will do wonders!!

264 week(s) ago


I've been following cricket for a long time, since my childhood. About an year ago, I was introduced to Varinder whom I found a great cricketing buff. Varinder has a great cricketing sense and passion for the game. I feel that he is an ideal person to do justice to the RCB team offical blogger job. Therefore, I vote for Varinder.

264 week(s) ago


My vote is for Varinder who is a crazy cricket fan. I know him for a long time he always updates me about latest cricketing news. I think he can be ideal candidate for this job.

264 week(s) ago


Varinder is a cricketing buff. I remember he is always up early in the morning when cricket matches in Australia or New Zealand are going on. His passion for cricket forces me to vote for him as the chief blogger for RCB team.

264 week(s) ago


i know varinder from quite some time and he is cricketing buff. he has a deep knowledge of the game and can be an ideal chief blogger of RCB

264 week(s) ago


I m a cricket fan from indonesia and know varinder for some time. Varinder is a great cricketing fan and has deep knowledge of the game. My vote is for varinder

264 week(s) ago

Shashank Kishore

I think what stands out with Varinder is his keen interest to follow the game. Still remember how enthusiastic he was to join in for the RCB meet up despite having to travel 20 odd km to make it and he was on time for it as well. That just goes to show how important cricket is and along the way I am sure he has made many friends like yours truly, in his quest to be an integral part of CLUB RCB. Cheers dude, I wish u all the best for the contest :)

264 week(s) ago