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A natural cricket lover with a flair for writing articles on cricket and it gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as a Fanatic Fan with the Club RCB. Club RCB has been a wonderful platform to showcase our talent and get recognition in the field of blogging. I can do justice to the job profile of a chief blogger using all my experience and knowledge on cricket to contribute to the club RCB. As a Chief Blogger, my topmost priority is to bridge the gap between players and fans by sharing both personal and professional experiences in the entire edition of IPL 2010 on our website. My association with as an expertfan helped a lot to improve my knowledge on cricket with some insightful questions and meaningful answers and was rightly inducted in to the Hall of Fame by Harsha Bhogle a famous cricket commentator. Looking forward for the mega cricketing event of 2010.

A well executed strategy in all the departments will be a key factor for Team RCB in the third edition of IPL. Without doubt Team RCB is one of the formidable and well balanced sides and a serious contender for the coveted title. Team composition should be of 6 specialist batsmen, 3 pacers and 2 spinners. I don’t buy the theory of stereotyped batting order or a bowling attack, depending on the situation of the match and pitch condition, captain has to change the tactics with his on-field instincts and experience. Statistically speaking the Standard Deviation/Average ratio seems to be quite high during the first 6 overs indicating significant variations for all the teams in IPL. My strategy for Team RCB Batting Department: It is always better to have at least 9 players who can bat and flexible batting order depending on the situation of a match. I am in favor of opening the innings with swashbuckling Manish Pandey and Eion Morgan, both are powerful hitters and can attack the bowling right from the word go to plunder the runs @ more than 10 runs per over. Jacques Kallis and Rahul Dravid should play the role of consolidators in case of an early collapse. As a whole an innings should be divided in to three stages first 6, 7-12, 13-20. Setting a goal for each stage Plan A hit out, consolidate, and then hit out again. Plan B is to build a base, accelerate in the middle and hit out at the end. Identifying the opposition strategy: If the opposition are protecting boundaries take singles and if they are stopping singles hit through or over the ring. Attack the new bowlers and try to unsettle them. Bowling Department I would prefer Anil Kumble to open the bowling attack with Dale Steyn on a regular basis for RCB what could be one of the lethal bowling combinations and put the opposition on the back foot straight away. The first over has been the most economical of all in IPL. This is understandable since the batsmen are yet to find their feet Even the best of batsmen in the world will find hard to negotiate Anil Kumble's trademark incoming deliveries. Young and upcoming bowlers like Abhimanyu Mithun/VinayKumar/Balachandra Akhil and the other spinner should be bowled after the early wickets or else after the power play to start from the seventh over(7-13) of the innings which will be economical as the first. Immediately after the fielding restrictions are removed there is a lull in the scoring rate. Fielding Department: Team RCB has some world class fielders who can do the job to save runs maybe around some 20 add runs to put us in a better situation. Right fielders at right place is the formula to save those valuable runs which will eventually prove to be a match winning effort. Hopefully Team RCB should come up with flying colors in the IPL 2010 and win the title for all the fans……….


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Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote and references for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

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Raghu Nath

Jackky's app is looking good and seems capable of writing long interesting stories. I am impressed by the logical flow in his strategy - generics first, specific next. This is in stark contrast to that of many who jump to an action, such as 'lets open with Uthappa', mistaking that to be a 'strategy'. Assuming that RCB Blogs will be read by an international audience during IPL, including celebrated cricket writers, proper, careful and correct choice of words is important and Jackky has demonstrated that to the hilt.

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Pinninti Srihari Naidu

Nice write up! I think ur style of writing is less complicated and very much reader friendly.All the best.

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Dasirath Kumar Padala

Hi Jaggu, My hearty wishes to u

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Harish kumar Vajani

Nice write up. best of luck jags

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sekhar das

Jaggi all the best i know u can

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Korada Sudhakar Rao

good luck jagdish

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Pramod Kumar Vajani

Good luck Jaggudada, my best wishes as a school mate

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Kamlesh Kumar Vajani

All the best Jaggs, Good strategy!!

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Christopher Poshin David

All the best. I know you'll do well.

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intrstg strategy...breaking the whole 20 over into 3 stages is a gud idea...have read his blog too...has some intrstg insights...cud b a good blogger if given d chance at d IPL level...gud luk Jaggs!

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Nice read. All the best!

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A well thought out strategy. Surely, RCB will come with flying colours if they heed to this strategy created by Jagadish.

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