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Apart from being a massive cricket enthusiast for the longest time, i have been a big fan of the Royal Challengers. When a concept is novel such as the IPL was to the Indian audience, loyalties waver rather easily. I have been right behind this team from day 1, through both the not so successful or rather learning campaign of the inaugural version and last year's successful campaign. Apart from my apparent fanaticism, I have played the sport at University level in the South zone and deeply appreciate the nuances of the sport. I believe strongly in the philosophy of the RC management - "At End of a day's play T20 is also cricket". It doesnt hurt that I can write about the game and other wise Count on me to not make any fatal gramatical errors. Also be sure of me to take some calculated risks when the situation demands it. In other words, a straight bat is most reliable but a reverse sweep can be effective when third man is brought in.

Context : Unlike last year, IPL is back in India this year. We should therefore expect flatter tracks and bigger run fests. Overall Strategy: Lack of dependence on any one player. Other franchisees such as Chennai Super kings suffered a great deal due this fallacy. Even though there will be some key hard hitting players in every team. We would ofcourse depend largely on Ross Taylor to play that role, everybody in the team would be expected to play their part. Somehow I think Pieterson would be rearing to go this season and should make his presence felt. He should be given enough confidence and Kumble should continue to don the role of the captain as that takes pressure of many of our key players. Concern area: The mathematics of batting is in our favour, its the bowling numbers that do not add up for me. Praveen Kumar, Anil Kumble, Van Der Merwe and Kallis are smart solid performers in context of Twenty20, even Vinay Kumar has done well, but we still lack a quality bowling match winner. Giving Steyn a go might be at the expense of a batting overseas player which is ill advised. Considering he would be a good pace to get away. Until this gap is plugged we should rely on our smart men. Player focus (i would play these gentlemen in every game): Kumble, Kallis, Dravid, Taylor, Boucher, P Kumar

Manuj Bhardwaj

yo boy.........good goin......cheers!!!!

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Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote and references for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

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Ashok Sharma

gud luck dude

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Kuber's panache for cricket goes beyond that of anyone I have seen. His ability to put into words and express what he feels is unmatched and unparalled. He would be the perfect Chief Blogger the Royal Challengers could ever get!! All the best mate!

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Apart from being a big fan of the game, Kuber is also a student of it. I can (with confidence) say that he definitely knows his stuff and I can't think of anyone more deserving for become the chief blogger for RC! He has my vote and I hope he gets this oppurtunity to launch himself and worship the gods of cricket up close and personal! Pratyoosh.

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