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Its about the lovely city of Bangalore before anything else...I don't accept even job offers from other cities! much for the love for Bangy...and then its cricket..i am a voracious reader (cricket) and a more than keen cricket a nutshell, i back myself for my cricketing knowledge....i am the one to swear by RCB...the one who had numerous altercations with peers and friends in support of RCB through its harder times in the inaugral season...and of-course, my predictions and analysis on matters cricketing seldom go wrong...and if it helps, m a devoted fan of the good old "Jammy" anyway...

If I were asked one area of improvement for BRC spontaneously and instinctively, I would say "they seem to leak a lot of runs at the most inopportune times" apart from the standard opening conundrum. I feel the Indian bowlers need to take more responsibility - apart from Kumble none seemed to be running through the opposition the last time....With youngsters like Kohli and Manish Pandey gaining invaluable experience and confidence in the past one year and the likes of Kallis, Dravid and Uthappa striking form, not to mention the likes of Rosco, KP and Bouchies the batting order looks set to strike terror in the opposition camp. The fielding takes care of itself with these professionals around..So we need to tackle the 20 bowling overs...Steyn is the devil-doer but leaks some runs now and then...Kallis and Rosco pick themselves up...Bouchie is expected to play every now and we may have the luxury of one or two foreign specialist bowlers apart from Kallis..which makes for an average 10 overs from foreign bowlers..KUmble takes his own share of 4...which means 6 overs between the other Indian bowlers playing for the Praveen Kumar has looked effective only with the new swinging ball and his lack of pace makes him vulnerable in death overs i depending upon the wicket, either Apanna or Vinay or Mithun need to come good...With the only genuine allrounder today in the world in their camp and a lot many bowling options from part-timers, the bowlers can fare better consistently than they have in the past...lets fix Uthappa top of the order and give him a few games uninterrupted and hope he gets his act right..Either of Manish or Kohli needs to take the extra responsibility to open and come good....if they are able to resolve this problem, half the issue is settled...Rosco, Bouchy and PK look ideal down the order for some lusty blows...To conclude, the solving of the opening conundrum and even one more domestic bowler raising his game at the required occasion seem to be the key to achieve the desired result for RCs...and by jove, this does'nt look too much of a task to come we have every reason to cheer...hail RC..

Praveen K.

Good luck buddy, I need your vote too..

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Hi buddy, wish you good luck..I also need your vote for being Chief Podcaster..Do Vote for me..Thank You..Take Care..God Bless..Regards,Rahul Arora

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