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I have belief I can be the RC Chief blogger as much that Anil Kumble has had in himself all the time and this belief, along with my acumen as well as my writing skills can certainly take me to being the chief blogger of RC. My observation skills are touch more than what a normal observer would have and the way I see the game is certainly different from what many others perceive it to be. The way people (including myself) see is just a perception. But the balancing act and the neutrality of mine will help me write posts in the most neutral fashion and thus put forth the right points - be it good or bad - to the team.

It is quite simple. At the moment, the main wicket keepers we have (Bouch and Eoin) are both fall into the 4 category and we have seen that mostly Bouch is the first choice man. I think we must use the services of Goswami too, which will certainly help us to play four top class Foreign nationals in all the matches and also help us to rotate them. By telling so, I do not mean to be harsh on Bouch. He is one of the legends of the game (His test record speaks for himself). But the 7+4 rule doesn't really help his cause. He being present in the team would mean that we would be playing only 3 players, of which Kallis and Taylor are needed for obvious reasons. That leaves us with only one place to be rotated amongst seven friends of us. Quite a tough job. Having Goswami a regular keeper would help to rotate two places as well as maintain a balance to us. Vinay kumar as we've seen has grown as a batsman. We must tone him and utilize his batting abilities too. Akhil, much like Kallis Lends a very good balance to our side with his all-round abilities. He might be a bit expensive, but I'm quite convinced that he has a golden arm. Temperament is not a big ask in T20. Yet, it is a much needed factor in any form of the game and Utthappa needs to understand that. With his Ranji performances, it still gets difficult for me to be convinced that he demands a place in the 11. My first choice 11: 1. Kallis* 2. Goswami 3. KP/Morgan* 4. Pandey 5. Dravid 6. Kohli 7. Taylor* 8. Akhil 9. Vinay 10. Steyn* 11. The captain. Team selection is a key for us in winning the matches and our strategies must revolve around the rotation and the ensuing balance. This time around, I'm pretty sure than Shiv and White (given his role in the current Oz set up) will have a huge role to play in RCB willing the Champions Trophy. I mean it. We will win both of the trophies this time!
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