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I am great fan of THE WALL & JUMBO .. i have grown up watching their heroics in both formats of the game. Though i am not much interested in playing cricket, i am very fond of watching the game and i think i have great knowledge towards cricket, which will be so helpful in writing articles about the game and the team. I can think of no greater pleasure than writing about cricket. I have participated in many discussions on RAHUL as player and captain. I always had a strong feeling that Rahul has not been given the credit ,which he deserved.Though he played many match winninig knocks than other indian greats ,he was always considered as supporting player rather than a match winner by not only the former cricketers, but even many cricket lovers feels the same.Even after first IPL auction every one blamed RD for choosing many gr8 players, though he said ,he wanted performers rather than stars... So i want to put up some articles where every one can rethink before blaming Rahul and making fun of his team ... so if u think same as me and want to show that RCB is no less than any other team and RD is lesser to noone.... do the right thing in the FFC page

Lets see the things which went wrong in the 1st IPL. First match , which RCB lost made huge difference in the mindset of not only the people but the confidence levels of both captain and the players.And even the picking of final 11 was not up to mark. We didnt use heroics of WHITE and MISBAH ,who are real match winners. We didnt have a almost fixed 11 for all the matches, always rahul use to shuffle both the final 11 and even batting order. Now after kumble took over we can observe a fixed final 11 through out the league though batting order was shuffled at times, Even in last IPL we had playing 11 based on the names of the players ,as we can see the players not playing well also found place in the team . though we had two alrounders in kallis and merwe, we used them as full time bowlers. In IPL 3, we should have almost final fixed 11 throughout the league. since we miss both rossy and white for half the league, we have to find the replacements for both of them and mainly players should not be judged on one match basis,let coach decide based on the practice session peformances... Our team always didnt use the domestic bowlers well, even last time we gave mithun only one chance and made him to sit out all the matches. this time kumble has to handle him well inorder to make initial breakthroughs... we cant expect kumble to bowl the first over all the time...............
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