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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
We want to know about it all
Cricket is a religion in India and all city here have the same importance. Usually India is classified on Various religion,castes and languages but its cricket in Belgaum(city) where all get united.where other time of the day ppl fight against each other,sit on the same chair praying for the win of their desired team(India).Angry at times they loose,still the cheer next time with the same passion and devotion.Belgaum looks criket as a part of it's life.Let the time get whatever but they watch and it's the dedication they show towards cricket. People here foolow cricket as a religion,get nervuos at times in difficult situations.let him be hindu,Muslim,Christian or whatever sit on the same table and pray to god for the win of the country.Here there is a lot of fight on the basis of lang(marathi and kannada) but they come together to pray for their team. cricket is a Relgion here followed by one and all. There are Lot of RCB followers here,having belgaum in K'taka.people here here always like to watch a tight match between RCB/MI.who have same fan club.We get angry when they loose and even bet sometimes with friends for the win over opponents.Feel really terrible when we loose and equally happy when they win.I followed the RCB for all the 3 season and Hope they win atleast champions leauge. it is said that win is not final but we never wish to loose.We all hope that we will be one of the outstanding team and diff to defeat.Here a child is less concerned for coming next to his best friend in the exams but always wishes that RCB is on top.. It's not blood but it's passion that takes us toward You(RCB) RCB ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
It was PVG V/s Renuka Sugar's,time-9.15 am at Gymkhana. the captian's walk for the toss and calling heads it was PVG getting on the winning side and choosing to bat first.Mr.A and B from PVG walked out very confidently having won all the 3 last games against the chalenging Renuka Sugar's bowling attack.The batsmen showed a very good spirit but scored just 4 in the first two over's of the game.It was then where the batsmen showed courage and scored a blasting 12 runs in an over with 3 boundaries by Mr.A a R.Handed batsmen one through Square leg,other two over w.k's head and gully.Then it was the turn for the other batsmen to take guard but scored just a single in the 3'rd ball of 4'th over to Long Fine leg.The over ended with just a single run.The score was 17/0 after 4.But it was finally decided by th batsmen to go over the bowlers and make dem unrest and started scoring blissfully and scored 30 runs for the next 3.The score was then 47/0 after 7 where the things were looking compact and settled for the PVG's,but then there for a fight between Mr.B and and the bowler from the gully end and had to loose his wicket in anger against the same person scoring just 15(18) and Mr.A was batting on 25(24) .It was turn for Mr.A and C to take the guards n they started to score at a healthy r.r and the partnership went on to 50 off 42.and Mr.A completed his Half century off just 42.but C had to loose his wicket the very next ball scoring 30(25).The next couple of over were very tightened for the PVg's scoring just 20 in 3 overs and loosing 3 more wickets but Mr.a Still surviving on 62.No the score moved up to 117 of 17overs.But the the next 3 overs was just what the Pvg's waited for and scored 40 of 3 overs and ended on high note of 157 of 20 over's.Mr.A was n.o on 91 and it was finally of fine display of bowling and atting by respctive teams. Then was the turn of the R.S's to chase 158 of 20 and they did on a very high note by the opener's scoring 30 in the first 3.2 overs and then had to loose their 1'st wickect MR.AJ who was looking threatining and scored slistering 22(12).They ket the momentum going for the next two over's and the score summed up 5 overs 45. But Then it was time for he PVG's team to return and their leg spinner D took 2 wicket of consecutive balls one toward's slip and other in the hands of W.K.It was the unsettling issue for the R.s's who were at the end of 10 87/5.But it were the next two batsmen who made a good partnership of 50 of 42 and they lost them suddenly off the next ball when the batsmen smashed towards square leg and got caught unfortunately. they needed 21 of 17 and could not score of the next 3 balls and it was once again backing of pvg who took another set batsmen ot and now the R.S's needed 21 of 14.They score 5 of the over and te tally later was 2 overs 16 needed with 3 wickets in hand.They started the over with a boundary and then a single but lost a wicket again.Now they needed 9 balls 10 with 2 wickes in hand.they scored 4 runs in the next 3 balls of the over and only over was left and 6 to win of it.The R.S's had almost did it but lost another one of the 2nd ball and without scring of the over till then.Now 5 of 4 needed and the match looked more exicted.They then scored 3 of 2 and match lloked poised and all were nervous.as 2 of 2 was needed and thenowler was tensed.then there was a beat ball and the situation worsened.now 2 of 1 was needed.The bowler ran for bowling the batsmen was more tensed,waudience were quite with no objective the ball was bowled and the batsmen hit it high towards deep square leg.It was going for a six and all the opponent's amost lost their hope but...............................................................................................................................................................it was not a six and the batsment was caught out.The Victory was all for the PVG's and Mr.A was named the man of the match.It was a fantastic game.I was happy supporting the PVG so were all the PVG fans.It was Unlucky for the R/s to loose and all the fans had no words left. It was a good contest indeed
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