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Chennai and Cricket have always been known for the spirit of the fans! Overtime, With the introduction of the Chennai Super Kings, things seem to have changed. You walk into the Chennai Airport, you are welcomed with photos of the players all over the place. The crowd is now suddenly very passionate about their team. Well, I hope it's is only limited to the IPL. Chennai RCB fans have a very low key presence in the country, and hopefully that will change over time too.. PS: I meant half naked, not naked. It's a correction to what I've said in the podcast.


Cover a local cricket match. The players, the controversies on the ground, the injuries and the team that wins. Build the excitement with your voice and get listeners hooked on till the end.

It's my first time with a podcast, so I hope you like it. Thanks to RCB's rule of having 3 podcasts uploaded I'm getting a chance to get better at this. I love editing things, adding music and setting everything to sound like one is real fun! So, I'm kind of enjoying this.. Wonder if it's so much fun in any other category :) PSThis podcast is actually 5 minute long but had to trim it down to only the commentary section so as to accomodate it to the maximum upload limit was 2MB. I recommend you listen to the full podcast here: http://www.divshare.com/download/12200020-03a



I bring in love for the game, and the passion for RCB. I earned my fanatic fan status at the start of fanatic fans challenge 1, lived that status upto the fanatic fans challenge 2 which probably also earned me an opportunity to audition again. Reason: my contribution to the community, a video reviewing FFC1 Rejected again! But the most satisfying moment of the competition was that Anil and Ray recognized my face. What more can one ask for? The deserving won the competition. I began preparing myself to the role of the chief for when they come looking again. I can be a chief podcaster because I want to do a lot to our community, and apart from that I think I have very less skill in blogging and Photography (I do both) to even compete with the kind of competition there is. I have proved my love for the game, the team and the community over and over again! FFC 2 I was also one of the 8 contestants shortlisted under the videographer category, I therefore also bring in the videographer skills to bring you more fun podcasts and videos. I hope you find a reason to vote or write a reference for me. PS: The podcast you are hearing to is the one that was created on the eve of Murali's 800, Didn't bother editing it to just what is required. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it too.. towards the end, I'm also talking about why you should vote fore me as the chief podcaster!



Sachin Kodagali - ABD!!!

Very good audio :) I voted for u, vote for me too - http://www.royalchallengers.com/cricket-online-contests/ffc3/Sachinbengaluru

238 week(s) ago

Hrish Dhempe Thota

Met Kunal first time at the tweetup we organized for Lalit Modi in Hyderabad during last CLT20. He was the most energetic even then and it continues till date. He is really deserving of the chief podcaster post :)

238 week(s) ago


You're gonna rock it Kunal! All the best =)

238 week(s) ago

Mandar Dewalkar

Voted to U, Pls vote for me. Chief Photographer Post. http://www.royalchallengers.com/cricket-online-contests/ffc3/mandardewalkar Best Luck. -Mandar Dewalkar

238 week(s) ago

Raghu Nath

Good, committed RCB Fan; a persistent trier; very sincere in his passion and goes out of the way to try new things. Works really hard to sharpen his skills and give his best

238 week(s) ago

Christopher Poshin David

A great person and one who truly understands every thing about the game and sees the smallest details. The perfect choice for a podcaster and I wish him all the luck!

239 week(s) ago


Hey Kunal. Nice to hear you as a podcaster! All the best!

239 week(s) ago

Kosali Chamika Lokuge

Good luck buddy...

239 week(s) ago

An all and all out fan of RCB, Kunal deserves this. All the best Kunal - hope we meet again! :-)

239 week(s) ago

Aakash Deshpande

Kunal is die-hard RCB fan to along with vast cricketing knowledge so he deserves to be in SA. Dude keep rocking !!!

239 week(s) ago