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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
We want to know about it all
Cricket for me and also for the entire country is a religion and passion. Royal Challengers Bangalore have a great fan following in Davangere, my home place. It is also home town of our own RCB's "Davangere Express", Vinay Kumar. My town is proud of him and his achievements. It celebrated the city's favorite son's entry to the Great Indian Cricket Team. Children their aspire to become future Vinay Kumar's. I am great fan of Royal Challengers Bangalore and pledge my support to the success of the team 24X7X365.
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
Its the last over of the match. Davangere Diamonds need 16 of the last over. Sunil Joshi the captian of Mysore Maharaja's will bowl the last over as the other bowlers have finished their quota. Sunil Joshi sets the field. Vinay Kumar on strike. The local crowd started cheering the local boy. 19.1 FOUR, What a SHOT..?!!!! Vinay sweeps the ball to the boundary on the on-side. Will the Mysore Maharaja's be able to stop this on slaught from Vinay. Vinay giving no respect to his master Sunil Joshi. 19.2 FOUR, in the form of Bye's. Robin Uthappa behind the stumps did not had the chance to stop it. People in stands are jumping like popcorns. Joshi is livid with himself. 19.3 SIX, Out of the Ground!!!!. Wow, Vinay does it for Davangere Diamonds. Even Robin appreciates Vinay's heroics. Few people have ran onto the ground to congratulate Vinay. Wow what a match we have witnessed today..
I am a huge fan of the RCB and this will give me a chance to express my support to the team. What better way do I get to describe the Royal Challenge that my favorite team cherishes..?

Naveen B

237 week(s) ago