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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
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Steve Waugh once famously said “ I play Cricket because I just love the game ". And the same is the case with me. I play and follow cricket just because I love the game. I live in a city that never stops, that never sleeps, the city of dreams - Mumbai. And every Mumbaite would agree that we really don't need a stadium to play cricket. A plain empty road, a garden, or just a 10*10 square empty place would do. In fact, I think it is Mumbai which has given birth to two different forms of cricket - The Gully Cricket and the Box Cricket. Even if it hasn't, I swear Mumbai is a city which religiously follows these formats, maybe because of space constraints in this metropolitan city. I would not shy away from saying that Mumbai is the Mecca of Cricket in India, not because BCCI has its Corporate Office situated in Mumbai, but because the love for the game that people share in this city is just Uncomparable. Where else would you see Sandwichwalla making sandwiches while constantly listening to Cricket score, or an electronic showroom being turned to a mini-theatre during a cricket match, or two strangers in a local train start talking with a line “ Score kitna hua? ” At some open spaces like Azad Maidan, at any point of time, you would see more than 20 matches being played simultaneously! Thus a player of one team at long-on is often mistaken as a player standing at slip-cordon for the another team! No one would be surprised if one calls Mumbai as a giant in Ranji Trophy. Because nowhere else would you find so much passion and devotion for the game. Not to forget Mumbai has given birth to a greatest batsman in the history of Cricket – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Now there is no doubt why Mumbai needs to be called the Mecca of Cricket, it is simply because ‘The God of Cricket’resides here!
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
In the outskirts of Mumbai, in a city called Mira Road, in an area called Shanti Park, there are seven buildings; all of these buildings have their names prefixed with Unique (e.g. Unique Castle, Unique Breeze, etc). About 20 teenagers and Semi-adults (because I fall in this category and I would not like to call myself an adult ) residing in these buildings come together every Sunday to play against each other by dividing themselves into a team of 10 each. The tournament they play is called Unique Premier League (UPL) along the lines of IPL. But due to space constraints, they play Underarm Box Cricket with tennis ball. The timings of the matches are odd for a normal man. These players start at 1pm in the afternoon and continue playing matches of six over’s each until the Sun forces them to go back home. They have even appointed a guy who is known for making small frauds as the Commissioner of UPL, though no marks for guessing why only a fraudster! The captains of the teams are same for every Sunday and even the teams have the same name, though players of a team are decided through a toss of a coin every Sunday. Royson’s Royal and Brayan’s Super Kings play for a 2 liters bottle of Pepsi, which the losing team gives to the winning team for a series of every 3 matches. All was going well until rains started playing spoilsport for the UPL. Matches were cancelled for couple of Sundays due to rains, until the UPL Governing Council decided to meet to find the future course of action. The meeting was held with immediate effect and the members decided to have an innovation in UPL. It was decided that if Football can be played in rains, then why not Cricket? So the following Sunday, when it was raining all the players were out in their shorts to play a newest form of Cricket – In the rains. Initially all were wary of being injured because it is not easy to catch a tennis ball when it becomes wet and to add to their problems, they used to play on concrete. So there was always a fear of someone slipping and injuring themselves. But as the play progressed, these worries took a backseat and residents around the ground were wondering whether these boys have gone crazy to play in the rain? Royson’s Royal Challengers (RRC) was put to bat after losing the toss. The conditions seemed extremely difficult for the players as it was raining heavily. The openers of RRC, Sujan and Murtuza decided to mix caution with aggression. The first ball bowled by Kevin of Brayan’s Super Kings (BSK) was dispatched for a boundary with a beautiful cover drive by Sujan. RRC started on a good note with 11 runs coming of the very first over. Sujan and Murtuza put together a partnership of 47 runs in just 4 overs . But disaster struck for RRC in the very first ball of 5th over. Sujan was bowled by Pramod off a leg spinner that spun very sharply. The very next ball, Murtuza was run out due to lack of communication with the new batsman Surinder. Thus both their settled batsman were out in quick succession and the new batsman Surinder and Premal took a lot of time to settle in , and ultimately RRC scored 60 runs in their six overs. BSK had a difficult task in their hand, and their Skipper Brayan decided to lead the way by opening the innings. But he was out in the very first over with BSK reeling at 9 for loss of one wicket. But Jeevan and Pramod settled the nerves of BSK and scored at the very consistent rate. At the end of 5 overs, BSK were 49 for one, needing 11 runs of the last over. Skipper Royson handed the ball to street smart Surinder to bowl the final over. And what a decision it was! Jeevan was bowled the very first ball. BSK needed 11 runs of the final 5 balls. But what followed was a twist in the tale. The new batsmen Kevin played a beautiful straight drive for a boundary. BSK needed 7 runs of 4 balls. Kevin placed the next ball beautifully between mid-off and extra cover for valuable 2 runs. BSK now needed 5 runs of 3 balls. The same shot of the next ball fetched two more runs for BSK and they now needed only 3 runs of last two balls. Surinder bowled a Yorker and Kevin could do nothing but defend it. But an alert Pramod saw an opportunity and stole a single before the fielder at Mid-Wicket could even realize it. Now the excitement was at its peak. 2 runs required of the last ball. With a set batsman on strike, equation was obviously tilted in favour of BSK. All RRC players gathered around Surinder to offer their innumerable suggestions. The final ball was to be bowled with Pramod on strike. A beautiful off-spinner that went through the gap between bat and pad was collected neatly by the wicket-keeper Karan brought an end to the interesting match. As RRC players rushed in to form a huddle and celebrate their victory, BSK players proceeded to bring a bottle of Pepsi for the winning team! The best part of UPL is the controversy during each match. There is always a debate on Umpire’s decision until one of the team gets tired of arguing. Expletives flow here and there, and once the match is over, we just laugh over it!
If RCB is considered as an Organisation, then the Chief Blogger can be compared to CEO of that Organisation. As a CEO, he has to outline the future plans and forecasting for his organisation. Vision: To become the numero uno sports fan club in the world. Mission: To give a common platform for all cricket enthusiasts who bleed red and gold and to those people whose United Spirit cannot be Limited (USL) ;) . Objective and Strategy: To launch an African Safari and go for kill! If knowledge about the game, writing skills, and the passion for the club is what RCB' s Chief Blogger position demands, then I can proudly say that I can apply for that position. Though it is an honorary position to be in, it comes with its own bundle of responsibilities.At this point of time, Commitment is what all I can offer. The Chief Blogger will have to act as a link between the team and its management on one side and the fans on the other side. As a famous marketing concept says, Customer is King; the team is only as strong as its fan base. Thus it becomes necessary to strike a chord with the fans. At times, the team may turn around a unbelievable performance or on some bad days the team may just fall like a pack of cards. It is then the job of team management, specially those who act behind the scenes to send the right message to fans and assure them that " Aal izz well ". Being a Chief Blogger one needs to constantly feel the pulse of people and make sure that the spirits are high. By being a Chief Blogger, I exactly get to do that because someone has rightly said that a pen is mightier than a sword! Being a Chief Blogger, you need to create more noise than a vuvuzela did during the FIFA World Cup and also make sure that the fans enjoy that music! So as Shakira says " Waka Waka ", the perfect cheering song which means "Do It" , Let us all say " Com'mon RCB, Lets Waka Waka !"

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