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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
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Since the time I began to understand, cricket is been followed like a religion in my family. Just before any cricket match used to start, my mom used to finish all her household chores and used get ready to watch the match. Cold drink+ potato chips used to be cricket funda for me and my siblings. My dad used to return home early from his office and sure that not a single ball was missed. In short, sitting together with the entire family; eating, smiling, betting with each other, shouting, screaming, hooting, whistling and praying for the team to win, for me all these things are synonymous with cricket. Cricket is not just a game, it is a religion that unites one and all and integrates the feeling of joy. As it is rightly said ‘dilli dilwalon ki’, cricket in Delhi is religiously followed amongst the young and old alike. Cricket crazy fans gather outside the malls with a big TV screen outside to watch the match, sport bars get packed up and the ones who are on the move listen to the cricket commentary on their mobile phones. Whether a person is travelling in bus, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw or metro rail, cricket mania occupies everyone’s mind. The best part is that there are many RCB supporters here. It’s great fun to support our favourite team and chant and roar for the team’s victory in unison. One of the most memorable matches for me was when RCB played against Delhi Daredevils in IPL2 at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. Though RCB lost that match but it was an awesome experience to see and feel the madness of cricket that runs in the veins of almost every Delhiite. 3 Cheers for RCB... Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
My brother and my cousins decided to play a cricket match on a Sunday afternoon. With a fractured foot, I couldn’t go downstairs to watch the match so I decided to follow the match sitting on a chair in my balcony. I had heard about ‘Gully Cricket’ but had never got the chance to watch a gully cricket match. But honestly telling after watching this match, I don’t think that gully cricket could be better than this. It is a known fact that every team in a cricket match has equal number of players but here, there were only five players. There was a 15 minute dispute between all my cousins that who would play and who would sit as an extra player. Once this dispute was settled, suddenly I saw that one of my cousins slapped the other. When I shouted what the matter is, my cousin (Karan) replied that he wants Rohit in his team as he is a good batsman but the other cousin (Gautam) wanted to take Rohit in his team. Another 20 minutes fight and then Rohit gave a solution that he would like to sit as an extra player. It was shocking news for all of us as Rohit is crazy about cricket and he is a member of his school’s cricket team. After that the next thing was the toss. I was expecting that there would be another problem in the toss but thankfully this didn’t happen. So, now there were 2 teams, with 2 players each. ‘Team A’ including skipper Karan and Rohan and ‘Team B’ including Gautam and Kashish. It was just 10 overs match. Team A had won the toss. Karan was on the crease and Kashish was bowling, one the very first ball Karan had hit a six. On the second ball again he hit a six and was successful in getting double hatrick thereafter. It was 6th over’s last ball, when Gautam bowled a googly and was victorious in getting Karan’s wicket. So now it was all Rohan’s responsibility to get a match winning score. When all 10 overs were bowled, Team A’s score was 55 runs with 1 wicket loss. Then there was samosa and cold drink break. The second half of the innings was even more fun filled. It was Gautam’s batting and Karan’s over. Since Gautam was angry with Karan, he was geared up to take revenge from Karan. Team B’s score was 56 with no loss of wicket. As soon as the match was over, Karan and Gautam were about to start their fight again but then my uncle came asked us all to get ready for a picnic. Pheww!!! At last the match was over and most importantly the fights were over...
It is absolutely correct that a blogger needs to be an expert in writing but on the flip side it is not all about the words or the sentences. It is more about the selection of the words that creates a deep impact amongst the readers and embarks the zeal to know more. RCB’s Chief Blogger is not just a golden opportunity but also a responsibility so spread the genuine news and update the fans about the team, the players and ofcourse the about the match. My inclination towards writing has always inspired me to do something new and creative. I had written many poems, articles, essays, scripts etc. during my schools and college days and now I am working as the chief blogger of a web solutions company. ( http://blog.magnoninternational.com/ ) cricket runs in my veins. I got a setback when was not selected as RCB’s Chief Fan in FFC 1 but now I hope I’ll get the opportunity to showcase my talent and passion towards cricket and my dear team RCB... Hoping to win this time, I’ve crossed my fingers.