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Rajkot(Gujarat) is my hometown, and cricket here is LIFE! Being at Bengaluru since few years, my city's cricket fanaticism hasn't yet worn off! Be it a domestic game or an ODI; cricket is the talk of the town, even if India isn’t playing! The Madhavrao Scindia Cricket Ground is located here. The stadium has staged 10 ODI matches since 1986. During an ODI, the whole of my city gets completely engrossed by the game. Fans throng the streets in long members as soon as the cricket teams arrive! The roads leading to the premier five-star hotel- IMPERIAL PALACE- gets choked with the heavy traffic of onlookers. The police find it hard to manage the traffic, the crowd becoming almost uncontrollable to have even just a glimpse of their favourite cricketers. The Hotel remains officially closed to the public during the stay of the teams, for the safety of the players. The IMPERIAL PALACE hotel also comes up with a special menu as a welcome gesture for the teams. As for mocktails, you have "Captain Sangakkara" and "Dhoni's Sixers". And appetizers? Well, there’s the "UV Rays" and "Viru's Wedges". The main course dishes include "Bhajji's Bhaji", "Ajantha's Maindish" and "Dilshaan-e-Paneer". 

At Rajkot, India posted their highest-ever one-day total of 414, but a rampaging Sri Lanka very nearly pulled off a sensational victory before losing their way in the end to give India a three-run victory in a high-scoring thriller, thus aptly being known as the “batting paradise” now! If you think this was all, well, wait! Cricket lovers here celebrated 37th birthday of the master-blaster uniquely. Replica of a cricket ground was made and were displayed 93 statues of Sachin, to highlight his 93 centuries. The model cricket ground was made in an area of 80 meters. Also put on show were 3,679 balls, symbolic of the 3,679 fours made by Tendulkar in his 20 year International cricket career. In a unique, first ever, cricket tournament was organized here, students played Cricket while wearing roller-skates. Teams from eleven states participated. The field was a concrete basketball ground. Overall, 30 matches were played. The general rules were similar to the cricketing rules except that the teams had seven players. The bowlers had a long run up and all kinds of shots seen in normal cricket were played too! There was a sense of elation and pride among the parents as they watched their children play the game!! About the RCB fans here, I find it a little hard to say for sure, because I have been in Bengaluru ever since IPL started. But I had been at Rajkot during the playoff match in IPL-3, and there were several venues that had telecast the match live, on huge screens. The hooting and cheering everywhere as RCB gained the 3rd spot clearly indicates that the team does have roots here, firm ones at that!!
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I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’m married to one - so that means I do pay attention. Most of the time I’m only vaguely aware of what’s going on in whatever game I’m watching (regardless of the sport), but it’s hard to be in Bangalore and not be acutely aware of how much a part of daily life IPL is here. Watching the RCB v/s CSK encounter on 23rd March, 2010 was something I can’t express in words. This game was a great lesson. You are never sure which way it will turn. CSK were cruising through when they came down to chase, but I guess that they thought that they had match in the bag. But you can never take anything for granted in cricket, especially in the IPL. I have watched enough cricket to know that it is never over till the last ball. Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainty and this match proved it once again I am a big Jaques Kallis fan. How can I miss a chance of watching him bat live at the stadium! Kallis and Uthappa really showcased why you should pay absurd prices for the tickets! I personally believe that from a pure cricketing point of view, watching a match on television is better that in stadium as you are able to see every thing clearly, but watching a cricket match in stadium has its own excitement and more so for IPL matches because of the volume of boundary you get to see at the match. The presence of cheerleaders also provides entertainment and aesthetic pleasure to the average cricket fan! We entered the stadium to a huge scream. But before entering the stadium my friend Raj came up with his humorous one liner. Security guard was not allowing the guys with camera into the stadium. Raj asked him in a shock "camera nahi allowed hai kya?" The way he asked him, guard thought we are having camera, and told him strictly that camera will not be allowed. Alok came up with his reply "good, hamare pass camera nahi hai". The guard was embarrassed and his face was a picture. Raj has a habit of coming up with these funny quotes. The home team’s most serious fans occupy one end of the stadium, and come to each game bearing huge flags and banners. They also sing and chant team songs throughout the match, none of which I could make out. What doesn’t take an RCB speaker to understand, however, is the passion they have for the game and their team. The opposing team’s fans have a small section on the opposite end of the stadium, only in the very top ring of seats, and the whole thing is behind metal fencing stretching from the floor to the ceiling. I think that section has its own dedicated entrances/exits and toilets. Once the match started, every one including me were on the edge of our seats. Crowds were screaming when Uthappa came to bat in the final overs and one can see the Indian cricket fanaticism when a batsman is thumping boundaries. When Uthappa bats, everything comes to a stand still in the stadium! From a mediocre 119 for 5 in the 17th over to 171 at finish, it was the lone hand played by Uthappa that took the Challengers to the imposing, and ultimately match-winning score. The injury-hit Chennai Super Kings were never in the race and with Matthew Hayden getting run out early and once again failing to fully use this lethal “Mongoose Bat”. It was one of the most lopsided matches with CSK needing 48 of the last six balls. The Super Kings seem to be missing their talismanic captain MS Dhoni. Vinay Kumar was again the leading wicket-taker for RCB with four scalps, but it was the skipper, Anil Kumble, whose four overs went for a mere 15 runs. A true show of experience and leadership. Earlier, Uthappa led a charmed life, being dropped twice. First when he was on five and then 25. He made the best use of his lives, hitting the CSK bowling out of the park. The unbeaten 52-run partnership between Uthappa, (68* off 38), and Mark Boucher (11* off 19) helped RCB maintain their winning streak. The Coorg boy(Robin) hit six sixes, including three consecutive ones off L Balaji in the 19th over. It was an exhibition of power-hitting the likes of which Bengaluru has not seen in this IPL. It also sent a reminder to the Team Selection Committee for the World Cup. CSK, who were till then in the game, having taken wickets at regular intervals, would feel hard done by their own fielding. They dropped catches galore, but still their bowlers managed to restrict the hosts. Balaji even had the privilege of claiming the wicket of hitherto unbeaten Jacques Kallis. Stand-in captain Suresh Raina was clueless as to how to stem the run flow and make his boys take those catches. It was one of those days. Royal Challengers’ won by 36 runs and it was their third successive win at home. With this win, RCB went to the topped the table It was pretty one sided match but fantastic. I have only one complain to make. The experience of watching cricket match in the stadium should be made more enriching for cricket fans. There is a significant lack of basic amenities like water and the price of all the food stuff is sky high. Cricket fans will anyway go to the stadium but to attract every one BCCI should spend some money to make it more ‘homely’. The experience of watching a live cricket match is extremely different from watching a cricket match in any other form. Yes, you may catch all the action live on your television set, but you will surely miss out the thrill of watching and rooting for your team. I am sure that if you are a cricket fan, then at least once in your lifetime you will want to, and should experience the joy of watching a live cricket match.
To write a good post, one has to do some research first, and add to that the writing time, and it can take between 90 minutes to 3 hours to come up with the best one can give! I can generally research and write a good post in 90 minutes if I’ve given it a little thought first (I do my thinking while exercising, driving, showering, etc.). I believe blogs give the reader a virtual impression of the things actually happening! It should be a combination of not only facts but emotions & masala as well that ensure entertainment as well. In fact a post should be able to make the readers feel the match being played all over again! For the same, I feel that one should have the passion for writing, and love for Cricket! The latter I feel I have aptly displayed in the above two posts, and for the former I have enough of experience. I have been into the writing field since my primary school. From winning Essay competitions then, I have been connected to this in some or the other way! In my secondary school, I had been the school reporter for my school's weekly newspaper, where we used to cover articles amongst the local schools in the city. In my high school, I was then the editor, thus going one level up, the topmost and the toughest position one can achieve! This, thus supports my stand of being a good writer, a very essential necessity to be RCB's chief blogger!


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