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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
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Cricket is the religion, passion and a game of excitement for every single citizen of India and the unofficial national game for India. Cricket is the heartbeat for millions of fans across the Globe. If you are not following cricket in India or sub-continent then there is something wrong with you. T20 Cricket has transformed the entire nation to a different level with lot of X factor amongst the cricketers and fans.Twenty-Twenty cricket has redefined the game of cricket right from gully cricket to national cricket. Though I stay in Visakhapatnam, I was born and brought up in Berhampur; a city once held the distinction of being the city with most number of cricketing clubs in Orissa. Cricket is played with big heart and almost ruthless with lot of killer instinct in this part of India, which is incredible. Berhampur is always a happy hunting ground for the hosts Orissa and Debashish Mohanty, a former International player and Ranjib Biswal, the present Indian Cricket Team Manger and was a captain for India under-19 team during his hey days. CRICKET IN BERHAMPUR NOW AND THEN I remember my school and college days, we used to have more energy levels and enthusiasm than the new generation cricket lovers. Can you believe it; we used to play cricket listening commentary on radio for the matches in those days. We used to place the radio between wickets and wicket-keeper. Well that is what it is all about the passionate and ecstatic cricket lovers. But now we are in a different zone and the media & technology has improved tremendously in the recent past and lots of fans enjoy the cricket match on TV or on computer etc. Berhampur sports club these days are busy in hosting Tennis Ball T20 day-night local cricket matches similar to the one in Rajkot (Gujarat)and it is a new development for the local cricketing fans apart from the normal day matches played at Khallikote College Ground and Berhampur Stadium. Fantastic cricket!! There are lots of fans for Team RCB in Berhampur city; they simply love Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid, not die-hard RCB fans though. When i introduced myself as an RCB fan, they were flabbergasted by the latest developments of Club RC and the fans contribution.Royal Challengers Bangalore as a team is loved and respected by most because of the team composition with the blend of quality International and domestic players,
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
A Cliff Hanger won by Ambush Club A match between Mohammedian sports club and Ambush club is always the talk of the town; they are the arch-rivals for the past 30 years and any match played by them draws huge crowd to the stadium in Berhampur even now. Well that shows the spirit of the game and cricket lovers in Berhampur. One fine Sunny day, I witnessed a nerve-wrecking T20 final match recently played by Mohammedian Sports Club Vs Ambush Club. The entire atmosphere in the ground was electrifying with the fans from both the sides are screaming and cheering for their team to win. They were supporting their teams vociferously and the match was so competitive that it almost reminded me the match between Indian and Pakistan. It is always a great honour in winning the prestigious Babji Memorial Trophy, one of the oldest trophies in the city of Berhampur. The Last encounter: MSC beat Ambush Club by 8 runs in Kalahandi Cricket Trophy Key players Ambush Club: Ramana and Kuldeep MSC: Fiyaz, Aamir and Abdul Basha After winning the toss MSC captain Fiyaz opted to bat first and predictably their openers started with a bang hitting the ball all over the park for the first 5 overs scoring more than 50 runs and then came the star off spinner Ramana of Ambush club whose magical spell of 4 for 14 runs of his stipulated 4 overs changed the entire complexion of the game and in the end MSC managed to score only 130 runs in 20 overs. The only stand out performance for MSC was from Abdul Basha who scored 43 runs from 30 deliveries. The mood of the Ambush club fans was upbeat and they were predicting a comfortable victory but there was a twist in the tale, Ambush Club lost two quick wickets in the first 3 overs that sent them on the defensive foot. The MSC opening seam bowler Aamir was in great form and gave some unwanted headaches to the opposition side. A sea-saw change in the camp of MSC where the fans rejuvenated once again with the new find confidence of their bowlers and MSC controlled the match for the 8 to 9 overs and it was the entry of the star batsman Kuldeep of Ambush club who smacked the bowlers all over and kept his reputation in tact for being one of the biggest hitters of Berhampur city. Almost won the match for Ambush with just 13 runs need in the last 3 overs, but MSC had some other thoughts and once again came back in the match by removing the dangerous Kuldeep. Can you believe it? MSC missed an easy chance for a run out by a whisker with the number 9 batsman struggled to make his ground and the crowd went mad and ah... they are really charged up. Disappointed fans unable to control emotions and did'nt want to see their teams losing tried to stop the proceeedings of the match. Almost all the fans were in the middle at stumps and the umpires were simply clueless how to handle them, finally somehow everyone managed to convince the furious fans. Oh my goodness what a crunch situation!! Well that is what a local flavour is all about. The whole crowd was silent and had some nerve-wrecking moments and with only two wickets left for Ambush club and fans from both the camps rose to the occasion and had the verbal fights and the umpires had tough time in making the decisions As expected MSC’s star bowler Aamir once again back in to the attack for the 18th over but the tail- enders of Ambush club have other ideas and played some aggressive shots and scored two consecutive fours and that sealed the fate of MSC and in the end Ambush club clinched the match to win the trophy. One of exciting T20 matches ever played in Berhampur.
I love the Club RC and a decent cricket writer with sound knowledge on the game of cricket.I would like to contribute as much as i can to transform and develop Club RC to reach the next level. The job profile of chief blogger is always an interesting and challenging one to prove myself by producing some great articles/blogs and bridge the gap between the players and the fans. And I have a proven track record of writing some interesting articles and conversations on cricket. Looking forward for the Champions League in South Africa!!

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