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Cricket & your City, Cricket in your City
Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
We want to know about it all
As a true Indian I know Cricket is not less than any religion over here. Here Cricket is such a medium which unites people no matter how people are different in their ideas, mentality and thought process.I am from Pune amd my hometown is Kolkata and both of the places especially latter is known for fanaticism in sports especially cricket as it is witnessed by the entire world. There are lots of RCB fans in Pune and that is all because of the great titans of Team India i.e. Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid
Cover a local cricket match.
How the game was played, controversies on the ground, injuries and who bags the gold at the end
of the match. Build the excitement with your words.
Its a match which I played around 2 years before. This was just a 10-over match played with tennis ball among us friends. We were 16 guys so we form two teams of 8 players each. I was the captain of one side and a guy named GOGA was the captain of the other side. Goga won the toss and decided to bat. My teammate Bond took the ball and bowled to Sahay(who was in Goga's team).As the match kicked off the controversy started right from the first ball. Sahay nicked the ball off the outswinging delivery of Bond. Everybody heard the sound and even that was visible to many players that ball kissed the bat, but Sahay refused to agree and he was stubborn till the end that he didn't nicked the ball.Bond lost his temper and said some highly forbidden hindi words to Sahay and both started exchanging those words with each other which could have led to a big fight, but both of us (Goga and me) took care of the situation and made them cool down and it was deciced that Sahay would continue batting though he was bowled out by Bond in the last delivery of that over. Since then they didn't talk for near about 2 months.Actually this kind of verbal exchange usually do happen whenever we play any cricket match among we guys. Goga's team made around 90 in 10 overs after losing 5 wickets. I bagged 3 wickets and Sardar(my team-mate) took a spectacular low catch at mid-wicket after diving at his right which resulted in wounding his knee and elbow.His knee and elbow were completely bleeding but I take my hat off to his sporting spirit who kept on playing despite his injury. My team chased the target in between 7-8 overs after losing only one wicket. i dint have to go for batting as it was completely finished off in style by Kunal and Sardar after losing the wicket of Saikat. The victory was dedicated to everybody in the team because it was only because of proper team work and unity. But one man who stole the show on that match was Sardar. He contributed with the bat, with the ball and with his body. Hats off to you, Sardarjee.....
I love blogging and it turns me on when I blog something related to sports especially cricket.Though I don't have any rights to write any blog officially for RCB in RCB website, but I had written many blog-like-comments in RCB website during FFC1 n FFC2.And Secondly I love doing analysis. My blog-like comments in this website are witness of that.


hez da most craziest person i have seen when it cums 2 cricket...

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Sandeep Ghosh

his love towards cricket especially RCB is adorable....

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