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Tell us about cricket and what it means to your city, how it is followed, any RCB fans there?
We want to know about it all


Cover a local cricket match. The players, the controversies on the ground, the injuries and the team that wins. Build the excitement with your voice and get listeners hooked on till the end.



I am passionate about cricket well then again so are 1.2 billion indians what makes me different is that i have it in me to get all those other ppl out there, the ones who unfortunately support other teams ( due to lack of judgement) hooked onto rcb!! my love and absolute devotion to the game is contagious ... i bet ppl cant spend two minutes in my presence without running to the nearest store , booking thier rcb tee and declarin their undying loyalty to the rcb team!! wit me as the rcb team's chief podcaster i promise to do my duty to fellow rcb'ites and give them all the lil itty bitty details about whats happening on the field! and honestly i think its about time a girl got picked as the ultimate rcb fan...i know there are a lot of us die hard fantics out here and i am here to represent!!!!!



Hrish Dhempe Thota

she's got a wonderful voice. really clear and energetic. all the best to sherrie :)

237 week(s) ago