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I dont think Im the mightest fan of RCB.But one thing Im sure about.Im one among the "die-hard fans" of RCB.Because that much I love my RCB and my god,DRAVID.For me cricket is my heart and it always beats for one man,Dravid.my ideal person,my motivator and my god.Not only his way of playing but also his character on real life attracted me a lot.My dream is to meet my god and becoming the first man in the world to meet “his god” personaly.because noone will have a living legend as his one and only one god!!!!...anyway last year I just missed "my dream".but I got a golden opportunity to meet another legend,Kumble. October 3rd 2009,the day which I never ever forget in my whole life.Being a RCB fanatic fan I enjoyed a lot there at Chinnaswamy stadium.on that day i realized that im not the only die hard fan of team RCB.everyone there was really hard fans of RCB.lucky to meet them too. Anyway Im wishing my team RCB to get what they missed in SA.....and Im that much sure we will win it...because we are RCB,Real Champions from Bangalore!!!!!......

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