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6 months, 6 months since the Airtel Champions League T20, 6 months of my fanaticism is on the website already as a record and I'm sure a lot of them can vouch for that!
Why I should be one in the Mighty 14 from Chennai?
Mighty 14 makes me the official Royal Challenger Bangalore fan! I have a passion for cricket and be it for India or the Royal challengers, I'm always at the the stadium dancing on my teams victory and cheering them on when they are down! There is rarely been a single match that i have missed when played at the MA Chidambaram stadium Chennai, at times paying double the money to get inside! The fanaticism is out of the question!
As for what I can do to make sure I'm being noticed all the time by the TV cameras and the Players, I have quite the idea that should keep everyone interested, which i'd reveal when at the stadium and I'm sure I'll make the community proud!
My profile is interesting, but so is the pic that shows my fanaticism for RC: Taken at the Hyderabad Uppal Stadium at the finals of Airtel Champions League T20 with 30 other fans who were invited by MR. Lalit Modi as his twitter followers :)
I wore the RCB jersey to a Non RCB Game sending across a message: "I'm a RCB Loyal, and nothing changes that!"

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC