Prometheus, Bengaluru

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1) Because I wake up everyday to the RCB Flag, which I've got framed and hung in my room. 2) Because after IPL 1 and 2 ended, I realised I hadn't seen my wife's face properly for over a month 3) Because I found myself praying to a photograph of a God for probably the first time in my adult life before every RCB match, in spite of being an atheist for as long as I can remember 4) Because I decided to lie and take leave from work yesterday and skip my Annual Appraisal meeting, to catch RCB versus the Daredevils. 5) Because I go into depression when RCB loses a match and hate the team for losing (for a little while). 6) Having said that, win or loss, I AM RCB for life!! And believe me, everything I've written is true. My marriage almost broke because of my fanatic tendencies when RCB plays. It's tough to maintain a marriage when RCB's playing!!

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC