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"Weee... Areeee... Weeee.... Areee..... Royalssssss..!!!!!" First is first. i want to tel "Y" the above slogan will work for RC. 1)Its in simple words and EVERYONE in the stadium chan CHANT together. i,e ITS SIMPLE 2) It best suite the FANS. 3)IMAGINE 50,000 ppl shouting slogan together. Q1) How can we reach out this slogan to FANS Suggestions: website. Mail and Mainly some one should shout this slogan in MICE in the stadium so the FANS can CHANT along with him. We need to create VIDEO. NOTE: The song "We will we will ROCK U!!" replace these words with "Wee Aree Wee Aree ROYALSsss!!!!" and try to imagine with its MUSIC. It will be a ROCKING SLOGAN. Plz plz plz impliment it.

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC