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I am the biggest, mightiest fan of Royal Challengers Bangalore because I love the cricketers who play for the team. I am a big fan of each and every cricketer. Having stayed with most of them during the ACLT20 gave me the chance of a lifetime to get to know the cricketers better and understand their psyche. Spending time with them made me a bigger fan of some and a fan of some of the lesser known cricketers. Virat Kohli for instance, was one player I wasn't sure even deserved to be around RCB but with his hard work and dedication he proved all of us wrong and showed us why he is so highly talked about even by the likes of Sachin and Rahul. With my previous attempt at the Chief RCB Fan I think I did manage to win a few hearts and put in sincere efforts to cheer the team with banners on Kallis and Jumbo's Bday. Got people to sign up for the banners, appealed to fans in the stadium to make a noise and shout after me. Managed to turn a few heads with the hairdo and the face paint and even got hundreds of kids and adults to paint their faces during the matches which only gave them more reason to cheer the home team. I plan to continue the effort and would like to make it larger than life this time at the IPL 2010. With the support of the thousands of Club RCB fans I am sure we will rock the stadium and make the streets of Mumbai echo with the name 'ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE'! So are you guys with me??? I can't hear you?? Is that what you are sayin!!!!!!!!!! Royal Challengers Bangaloreeeeeeeee..... Challengers gimme more!!!!! Come on come on everybody say.... Royal Challengers all the way!!!

The slogan that i will be chanting with everyone at the stadium
The photo that shows how fanatic i am About RC